short links, year end 2010 edition

Since we’ve had a great delay plug-in release this year some might be interested in some further reading about that topic. A short history about delay effects is given here and some more specific readings about tape delay can be found in the mixonline magazine. Need some overview about the Roland tape echo stuff? Just look here.

From time to time some effect developer apprentices are asking where to start. Today, almost everything can be found in the cloud. Sometimes DSP suppliers/developers are offering good overviews and introductions such as this example. Don’t hesitate to search for all those papers which are freely available, e.g. the original one about the Baxandall tone control. Other ones are even more interesting or at least fun to read. Listen to what the gurus have to tell and deep dive into the DSP resources which are available online.

Age verification question: Do you know what a LP cover is and how it used to look like? Check it out. Missed that Quincy Jones interview? William Gibson, one of our scifi writer heroes talks about some Web2.x media and culture in this interview. If you are still concerned about what all that social media rumble is all about and how to align your business to that, here you gonna find your answer (or maybe not). And wow, that’s pretty much underground.

The usual electronic music related Blog magazines worth mentioning this month are AudioPorn Central (english) as well as Monday Edition and Kraftfuttermischwerk (german language). Btw, is offering such mix tapes or “promo mixes” legal? Anyway, much more important: is this the best new electronic music? Hm, the only one which impressed me so far was the “Track Five” by Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom and that one actually was recorded already some years ago and just the release happened in 2010.

And here we go with right another great video documentation about history of electronic gear and music production. Did I ever mentioned that this is a real great device? And this dangerous one too, of course. Do you think all equalizers are the same? Eat this!


  1. You are pure gold. Thanks for the links.

  2. Great links! Thanks!

  3. Happy Holidays! Best wishes for 2011! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for the links!!! =D

    These guys are pretty good if you’re into electronic music…

    techno music 😛

  5. To answer if offering ”mix tapes” or “promo mixes” legal?
    As far as I know its technically illegal, but people mostly do not really mind since its free publicity.
    Most producers don’t mind because it’s good publicity for their tracks. As long as you aren’t distributing the actual unmixed track I don’t see why many people would care.
    The internet is overflowing with DJs putting out demos and mix tapes, how often do you hear about someone complaining that their song is on it?
    In the end, if a record label or artist wanted that mix off the net, they’ll do it. They’ll issue cease and desist letters, and later come with lawyers. As others have mentioned though, most never do anything because it is advertising for them. They frown more on those blogs that distribute music illegally…and file sharing. I’m talking about individual tracks.
    If it is illegal to download sets then how come Itunes has dj podcasts for download?

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