what I’m currently working on – Vol. 4

working with the oscilloscope

I’ve just polished the Blog a little bit and aside from some layout changes you will find all my actual plug-ins properly listed on the VST effects page now – including screenshots, short descriptions and some brief tips&tricks. If you would like to contribute and to share some further more of your own tips related to that stuff then this is the place to chime in – just drop them here as a comment or via eMail (if you already have my address). Furthermore I’ve collected lots of additional user comments for the testimonial page which looks really impressive after just two years of blogging here – many thanks for all your appreciation.

The VST page list does not show the legacy plug-ins anymore (that “nasty coloration fx series”) and I’m not going to update them anymore as already indicated earlier last year. Instead, two great new releases appeared: NastyVCS and NastyDLA. While the VCS was designed as a comprehensive digital channel strip solution (and to replace all that individual plug-ins out of the retired series plus something more), the DLA was a brand new release which actually took a long way from its very first sketches until release day. It must have been two years or so and all that other developments in between seemed to be necessary to finally get there. Both plug-ins will be developed further over time for sure and a small but nevertheless important maintenance release is in the making already for both of them. It’s planned to appear right this month and probably gonna see the light as a public beta.

In a recent interview I’ve already hinted that another two and brand new Variety Of Sound releases are probably going to happen in 2011: The first one will be something aimed to better support the recording process and later on something for the electronic music production might appear. While the latter one is not that clear and might be subject to change conceptual, the first one is already stable and hits the beta test during these days. The beta will be private and the beta team is already settled so please do not apply for joining the party anymore. This time, the plug-in idea originated from Patrick and the prototype feature set was developed together with a small group of friends from the net. The initial concept convinced me right from the start but just some implementation decisions and DSP coding caused me some headaches during summer and autumn last year.

Research and development? Yes, yes! Since that’s the most fun to me I’m constantly digging into something be that some DSP coding concepts or rather weird and freaky ideas and to find out how they could be made feasible if ever. In most cases some lanes are ending abruptly while others are leading to new and unexpected insights. Walking the whole road is indeed a journey. For the moment – but that might be easily extended to the whole year – all my attention is refocused on digital saturation implementations.


  1. The Nitpicker says:

    I like where you’re going with this 🙂

  2. Jhonny Cricket Pants says:

    I am sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation for a new beta.

  3. Johnny Wishoff says:

    Love your plugs..

    But it would be nice to see some dates on the releases in the download section.


  4. All good news Bootsy! Can’t wait for the updates and the new plugins as I really enjoy what you do!
    Good luck with all of these! 🙂

  5. happy 2011 to You from Berlin – the world capital of electronic music,

    i got one little question:

    you mention that Nasty VCS is the update for the plugins of the Nasty FX Suite, but i always saw the Nasty LF and Nasty HF processors as some kind of exciters (in contrast to a standart equalizer), something in the tradition of Waves RBass…

    So you mean that Nasty VCS (which i think is great) can achieve the same kind of bass / high frequencies enhancement (that i at least subjectively felt when using them)?

    • the only difference is that VCS offers a full bandwith saturator which is not limited to LF or HF (as in the individual legacy plug-ins). So, yes, there are some details which are not covered by VCS at the moment.

  6. Jhonny Cricket Pants says:

    ^^^^ this is a good point. Also some of the other nasty series seem to be doing things that aren’t present in nastyVCS *(not that i’m complaining, i like it)*

  7. Thomas Vingtrinier says:

    Hey Herbert, good to see there will be some maintenance updates for the new Nasty series. The GUI recall bug is a bit of a showstopper for me…
    Now regarding the digital saturation, I can’t encourage you more! The more I play with soft saturators (the Nasty HF/LF and the likes), the more I convinced this is where the ‘secret’ of analog warmth lie… We look forward your forthcoming discoveries on the subject!

    Kind regards,


  1. […] what I’m currently working on – Vol. 4 […]

  2. […] what I’m currently working on – Vol. 4 […]

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