updates available for BootEQmkII, DensitymkII, FerricTDS and NastyVCS

The bug fix releases are available for:

  • BootEQ mkII 2.1.1
  • Density mkII 2.0.3
  • FerricTDS 1.5.1
  • NastyVCS 1.0.1

This are Win32 releases only (SSE2 or higher) and are bug fix releases which addresses the following issues:

  • Fix: crashing and hanging when opening multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase and some other hosts
  • Fix: problem with plugin GUI not initializing correctly in Samplitude and some other hosts
  • Minor fix: consistent VST vendor name tag and release version number (in credits pop-up)  added/changed for all plug-ins

If you are not affected by this issues there is no need to download and install them. The individual plug-ins can be downloaded as singles via the Downloads page. Until end of January the whole package is available as one single download here.

The NastyDLA 1.0.1 update still remains in beta until the chorus issues are finally sorted out and is not yet released.


  1. Thanks for the updates! The more I learn about how your plugins work and use them, the more I like them.

    I think I’ve found a bug in Density MKII. I have a project in Reaper with Reason rewired in on a track. Density MKII is on this track for bus compression. Sometimes when I adjust mixer levels in Reason, Density MKII crashes. I have all of my plugins firewalled in Reaper to prevent project crashes, so what I experience is Density MKII’s meters maxing out, with no sound output. If I remove Density MKII from the track, everything returns to normal. I’ve discovered that adjusting the tempo in Reaper/Reason makes this bug happen much more easily, and it’s pretty reliable to reproduce. If there’s anything I can do to better present this issue, please let me know. I could send you the project (requires Reaper 3.xx and Reason 2.5), make a video, or whatever else might be helpful.

  2. there’s still that annoying bug in BootEq in Wavelab 6.If you only use the preamp(eq turned off) and you boost the level way up to 4 or 5 dBs once you’ve rendered the file there’s no peak or rms
    change in the audio file.I’ve tried on other daw where wavelab 6 is installed and got the same problem.
    Could please fix that?




  3. thank you for the consistent VST vendor name tag, it was driving me crazy with the cubase “sort by vendor name” option

  4. Travis Brown says:

    First, thanks for all the great plugs. I think in the next coupla weeks I’m going to try to record an entire record using your plugs as much as possible.

    I have a question about the Density Mk II.

    What are the time settings on the Timing control, and do they change when you switch to limiter mode?

    Thanks again!

  5. I’m missing something. I downloaded the file, but there’s no executable file in the download folder, just a .dll, the manual, and the license notice.

  6. 😦 still having the problem of settings not being saved in samplitude (version 10)
    no problems in FL Studio

  7. Thx for the updates !
    Question ? Is/Should there be a difference when running Ferric on a AMD or Xeon Machine ?
    Running 24 Ferrics on an 8core Xeon -> Dropouts
    Running 24 Ferrics on an 8core AMD Opteron -> Works
    Running 320 Magnetos on a 8core Xeon -> Works
    All tested with different latencies.
    All in Nuendo 5.1.1 on W7 64 bit. RME HDPS 9652 ASIO

    a little puzzled…..

  8. There is a minor GUI bug in Density MkII, latest beta.
    In a mono audio track, it shows as LRC&lfe in the soundframe dialogue, yet opening the routing editor shows – correctly – a mono instance

    Nuendo 5.1.1
    Windows XP/SP3

    • Density is a stereo plug-in compressor but with 4 channel input (stereo audio in plus stereo sidechain in). It might be that the 4 channels gets mis-interpreted by Nuendo as being LRC&lfe channels. The VST implementations even by Steinberg in its own hosts are really quirky sometimes ….

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