public beta 2 for NastyDLA 1.0.1

A second public beta bug fix release is available for NastyDLA 1.0.1 which fixes some issues related to the chorus effect:

  • Fix: clearly audible lofi artifacts in the chorus section (crackle or noise) in some setups
  • Minor improvements: wider and better chorus imaging
  • Minor improvements: assembler optimized chorus section with lower cpu footprint

If you are not affected by this issues there is no need to download and install that. If you download and want to install it be aware that this is a beta version and not a final release and might not properly work due to other bugs or side-effects. If so, please report here for further bug tracking and fixing!

The download is available in the Downloads page or just click here.


  1. Hi varosound,

    With the initial release of NastyDLA, I was having the problem with the odd noise in the chorus section. Primarily this seemed to be happening most noticeably in the ping-pong and cross FB modes. I’m happy to report that this beta seems to have fixed the issue.

    Thanks very much for all your hard work, on this, and all of your other plugins. I use them constantly in my productions. I especially love NastyDLA though. This is a delay with wonderful character for dub oriented music. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi,
    Is there any hope for 64 bit releases? Not only for NastyDLA but for all of your nice plugins.

    • lets hope so.. perhaps some donation money would motive this fellow to do 64 bit versions of these kick butt plugz

  3. If somebody uses high quality free plugins like Nasty DLA, then – as for me – I feel at least obliged to demonstrate respect to the author for his excellent job and for the ongoing product support in the form of updates. It’s not self-evident for free software.

  4. Hi, thank you for update. I am not getting chorus bug now with this release. Excellent!


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