NastyDLA updates to version 1.0.1

A small but crucial update has been released today for NastyDLA which finally fixes all known issues related to the chorus effect. This is a safe update and should be performed by all users of NastyDLA 1.0 (or the recent 1.0.1 public betas)!

Release notes:

  • Fix: modulation artifacts in the chorus section (affects all setups)
  • Fix: clearly audible lofi artifacts in the chorus section (crackle or noise) in some setups
  • Fix: crackle/artifacts when turning chorus from Off position to On and vice versa
  • Improvements: further assembler optimizations with lower overall cpu footprint
  • Minor improvements: subtly wider and better chorus imaging

The download is available in the Downloads page or just click here.


  1. Thanks for the plugins and for the update. I didn’t heard any artifacts and had no problems with the old version either.

  2. kingocounty says:

    Thanks again for all the hard work. This has become one of my staple plugins and appears on every mix from subtle use to bold ping-pong delays!

  3. Suddenly, I love the Nasty DLA even more!
    Thanks a lot Bootsy! 🙂

  4. Awesome! Great to see one of my favorite delays updated.

    Thanks for this and everything in your amazing plugin collection.


    [BTW – I just recently released an EP that used lots of VOS plugins throughout; even the beta of NastyDLA. Check it out on my web if interested.]

  5. This delay sounds so warm and good.
    Thank you.

  6. cool:spring! says:

    the chorus seems more phasy to me. am I right?

    • define phasy …

      • cool:spring! says:

        well.. it acts more like a phaser now. i hear it more pronounced than the previous version. all i know is that i used it with the old version as an insert or send to give the tape-artifacts to whole busses with 0ms delay,dual mode,since it compresses and distorts and adds a creamy modulation. with these settings (insert mode), i used to inject a little bit of chorus at minimum rate to open up and give vitality to the stereo field. with the newer version that is not possible anymore, since it introduces a phasier sound, resulting from a phase cancellation, then udible even at low settings. i don’t know if it’s because you added more feedback or modified the microdelay to a setting that produces that,but that’s what I hear.
        (i mean, it’s a different flavour, absolutely well calibrated and really colorful, but now i have to use it only as an effect)

        • A digital phaser effect would imply some all-pass and feedback loop stuff going on under the hood. Neither is the case with this chorus implementation be that in version 1.0 or 1.0.1 . The only thing which technically changed with 1.0.1 is the lfo computation and the removal of any sort of modulation artifacts in the chorus delay algorithms (has nothing to do with the main delay computation itself). If you insist then please drop some soundfiles as a showcase …

          • cool:spring! says:

            ok during next week i’ll try to look for the old dll into my hdd, and then i’ll post two sinewaves with the different choruses (at this point i’m afraid i liked the artifacts, but it sounds really bizarre! 🙂 i hope i’m wrong in any case! )

  7. thanks a lot man!


  1. […] Click here to update your copy of NastyDLA and also check out the version history in the downloads section to make sure that your other Variety Of Sound plugins are up-to-date. […]

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