introducing preFIX

design and target render done by Patrick

More details and release info soon – stay tuned!


  1. Oh boy, oh boy, new stuff coming up…

  2. wooh wooh wooh!!!
    What is it?!

  3. Must be a gate! I see hold and what looks like Hysteresis! I’ve been waiting to see a gate for a long long time~! Can’t wait!

  4. oh oh oh i see some bad things happen here 🙂

  5. Jay Key says:

    Well he already talked about this earlier :).

    It’s a plugin to use before strating mixing, for “fixing” (hence the name) the sound before to resume quickly.

    Pretty useful for dudes that do audio recording, but for people doing eletronic music and such, not sure if they’ll find use for it. Just my view.

  6. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    OH sh*t !!

  7. uncajesse says:

    The name says something about what it is, but I already know too much since I’m a beta tester. It’s definitely something new to the plugin space, so that is always welcomed by me. Stay tuned. =)

  8. I thought it might be a preamp saturation plugin?

  9. …a cool tracking device (incl. gate) maybe? 😉 Anyway, looking forward to this! 🙂

  10. I’m excited about this!

  11. digidirt says:

    it’s a bird, no it’a plane….

  12. Fabio 5corde says:

    Looks preTTY

  13. Nekro/Dean says:

    Well i can not say anything about preFIX detail wise/feature wise. I (think) that i can say i have been using it for quite some time now. Whilst i am one of the “recording dudes” It is safe to say that as far as i am concerned it works in many other areas than just tracking and style/type specific at all, Quite the opposite 🙂

  14. Quite the opposite? New to the plugin space? Thats a hell of nice work from the betatesters to keep us with the highest level of anxiety. Here we go again!

  15. Ok .. I demand to be told what this thing is…
    Ferric + density +booteq +epicverb are fucking sick!

    yea looks like a gainstage plugin type of deal… coupled with a gate… early reflections n all…
    im just guessing…

  16. Variety of Sound rules!

  17. Just as i get my interface to hop into the recording world a tracking plug comes out? Awesome timing!

  18. Interesting!

  19. Sounds excellent. Thrilled!

  20. ^^* Pleazzzzzzzzz Just Small Interface (FerricTDS, DensitymkII… So Big ==) -NoteBook User-

  21. will this come in strawberry, raspberry and chocolate flavours too? 🙂 well done guys keep up the good work!

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