top 10 again

“These plug-ins are something special, combining elegant design with real sonic character. There’s loads of freeware that can handle standard mix-balancing tasks, but if you’re looking for serious subjective tonal enhancement then there are few developers who can match Variety Of Sound for musicality.”

— Mike Senior, author of ‘Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio‘ and Sound On Sound‘s ‘Mix Rescue’ & ‘Mix Review’ columns.



  1. uncajesse says:

    Well deserved guys. 🙂

  2. Great to see it there!Sure deserves it. Pretty neat and useful lists these guys put together. Sorry to see Bootsy listed along with Antress, though…

    • Hi
      After some years of absence from the music tech scene, I just started recording and mixing again. For some reason or another I no longer feel comfortable using pirated software, so I got myself a Reaper licence, and I was delighted to find the Variety of sound plugins. They are exactly what I need. But I must say the Antress plugins are pretty good too, or so it seems to me. Those compressors are not bad at all. And looking at something like this: They don’t seem to compare too badly to the ‘real thing’. But anyway, I notice that there is some more bad sentiment going around the web about Antress, perhaps well erned in the past (wouldn’t know about that), but to my perhaps insensitive ears they sound alright, and I’m truly glad to use them



      • If they work for you, then great! They’re free, so no one should complain about a thing – I don’t. Just don’t like ’em and mistrust any firm trying to emulate all of them analog compressors..

      • Your comment surprises me; The antress is the worst bundle I ever tried. They sound cold and distorted. Nothing like the originals they are suppose to “emulate”. A good free one is the kjaehrus (sorry If I spell it wrong), and then you have the melda one, and of course v.o.s.

        • If you haven’t wrote that, I would. LOL Yeah, Antress plugins are absolutely nothing special, just the GUIs look good. Cheers!

  3. Congrats !


  5. My sincere congratulations!

  6. HenkSmith says:

    Well Done!

  7. susiwong says:

    Congrats !
    Now for the next poll … 😉

  8. Well deserved! Truly great plugins you’ve done, using many of them.. thanks!

  9. A well-earned rating

  10. Well deserved 😉

    Funny, i just submitted a mix for the last MixOff contest 😀
    Take a look at,87.0.html

  11. Well-deserved. Keep up the excellent work- it’s an absolute pleasure to use your plug ins.

  12. Congratulations, and well deserved. While I do most of my mixing live on an analog console, I also have to prep a lot of 2-track for web. Your plugs are always in the chain. Thank you so much!!

  13. My dog is getting old says:

    One of the best I know, well deserved!

  14. timbushong says:

    I’ll tell ya- that Ferric TDS is pretty darn amazing…

  15. God bless all the tools are amazing
    much love …..much respect

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