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  1. Holy shit! That Prefix pic looks great! I cant find myself using this plugin a lot but this makes me wanna load it ;-P

    Congrats Patrick!

  2. sorry no facebook please

  3. Joined. Nice one

  4. for me no Facebook too.

    Most people I know who have pc’s that are infected with viruses, trojans or worms, got these problems after using Facebook. I know this because I am the one who cleans everything up afterwards 😦

    Your site is very good with a lot of feedback from fans. For me that is more than enough. Thx for all your work!

  5. Just a word on your wordpress:

    The tabs at the top arent really that easy to notice, my eye just goes to the white page, and sometimes its not easy to remember how to find your front page if we get here from a search engine for example. Only thing I will say is maybe make the tabs a bit brighter so we can see there are tabs better, and maybe make the font bold on the tabs. I know this is probably the last thing on your mind of course, with all the great software to create and maintain.

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