preFIX 1.0 – out now!

preFIX – getting those alignments done

preFIX is a Windows x32 freeware release for VST compatible applications and is available now. To download please refer to the Downloads page.

For further info check out some related Blog articles or simply RTFM:


  1. Awesome, can’t wait to try this out tonight!

  2. Klankbaan says:

    Hooray !!!

  3. Well done and thanks. Off to see what this new toy does 🙂 I’m I going to regret buying Fabfilters last week !? :P) Thanks

  4. NOM NOM!

  5. Apical Boob says:



  6. The gate alone is priceless. “Oops you did it again” I say. Congratulations & Thank you very much!

  7. Thank you!! Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  8. Another gem, thanks!

  9. ryanslvn says:

    Awesome, thank you. Looking forward to giving it a go.

  10. Wow… looks great!!!!

  11. YES ! YES ! YES !
    Thank you very muchos gracias !

  12. Thank you Bootsie! Ace as usual!

  13. WOW WOW WOW, demoing this now… everything is so…. smooth! The EQ section on this thing blows my mind. The phase tool is extremely unique, thoughtful, musical… just a delight to use. The gate, like the EQ, is very smooth. Love the rotator on the output.

    If some critique is allowed, fader movement feels slightly awkward (can’t really explain why). But one bug for sure is that when you go from not holding down shift to holding down shift while moving them, you can get stuck when your mouse (now invisible) hits the top or bottom of your screen (Waves plugs also exhibit this problem on my DAW, although theirs does it regardless of dial type (rotary or fader) and whether if you use shift or not). Also, not a big fan of how the goniometer was implemented. I like the one on ozone… simple… slightly bigger display, without size and glu… and comes with a correlation meter. I also like how on ozone, the degradation of the histogram is non-liner (or maybe the colors make it seem so?), so you can always tell what’s happening now while preserving a good amount of history.

    • The plugin sounds amazing, looks awesome too!
      But have to agree with the fader feeling, I think it lacks resistance.
      Great work!

  14. Michaels says:

    finally! thxs

  15. susiwong says:

    My very best thanks and congrats to both of you for another wonderful plugin !
    Not only is this gizmo completely unique and in a class of its own, every component is top notch (Bootsie … :tu:) and a joy to operate (Patrick … :tu:), and the combination is much more than the sum of its parts.
    This will probably be my most used plugin from now on, on every drum track, every guitar track and group and so on …
    A milestone !

  16. congratulations

  17. oh man this i so incredibly useful and the filters and eq do sound really really good. i have one request though. one whining and annoying request though. pleaaase give us more delay time. 20ms or would be great, introducing delay like that is immensely handy for lining up transients and general sounddesign (especially percussive). i realise it could be done by hand but everything else is right there, so it would add to the versatility.

    otherwise a big heartfelt thank you for another great plugin. i’d be lost without my bootsy collection.

  18. Great!
    Thanks Herbert!

  19. Congrats!!! and thank you.:)

  20. openplanrecording says:

    Great work once again!! And a big thanks!

  21. Thanks a bunch for another superb plug-in, very generous!

  22. No 64bit? 🙂

  23. Ike Lee says:

    will try it our later today!

  24. There are currently no plans on 64bit and Mac compatibility because this depends on the framework I’m using.

  25. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    Woahh !! This GATE is beautiful !!
    You can do just what you want to ear with just a few knobs / faders…. 8-0
    So well thinked……..

    Congratulations AGAIN !! i need to test the rest of the features…

  26. Bootsie, have you ever thought about a hysteresis control for the gate?


  27. Francesco says:

    Thanks Herbert for another wonderful plugin!!!!
    Believe or not i use the eq section in my mastering sessions.The eq is fantastic as the lp and the hp filters.The sound of the eq is very analog!! Really cool a really worth a try!!!
    I can’t believe it’s free and much better than stuff you have to pay for.

    thanks again!!

  28. THANKS for this amazing plugin!!!!! the gate in particular is fantastic and the best i heard, will get a lot of use.

    something that would REALLY make it better would to be able to switch the meter to 0db (hitting the top of the red) = -18dBfs.

    i can’t imagine anyone would have any of their individual tracks so loud as to be able to make much use of the meter (other than to see a clip). if you checkout the satson meter, everyone is raving about its ability to set every track level to -18dB at the start of the plugin chain. a little switch would be great 🙂

    another thing i noticed is that when the eq section is on, even with all setting to 0, low level background noise (aliasing?) seems to appear at lower frequencies? i know its quite low, but its louder than 96dB at 40hz with a 0db sine wave at 2k… is this a part of the oversampling? no other EQ i tested seems to do this.

    one more question. the manual says the EQ curves are oversampled, does this mean all audio is upsampled and then downsampled? is this only for the eq or the other sections too?

    thanks again, you are an audio hero. CHEERS!! 🙂

    • just the main EQ is oversampled. I don’t what and how you measured so I really can’t comment the noise you’ve mentioned. In my testbed everything works fine.

      • here is what i am talking about with the noise (680kb .png screen dump):

        no other eq seems to have this happen. is it normal or an error? the noise only comes when the eq is on, no other section of PreFix does it. The noise readout in voxengo scan wiggles about a bit, ie is not static. it does the exact same thing in VST Plugin Analyser.

        from 20 – 100hz there is noise louder than 100dB which is not that bad, but not ideal for every channel.

        my system is cubase 4.5 32bit running on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, q6700 cpu, 4 gig ram

        cheers 🙂

  29. Congrats! We made this the top news on SonicScoop today. U R famous. Can’t wait to try it ourselves.

  30. Thank you Herbert.

    This is a really well thought out suite of lovely usefulness, which gives everything I need when assembling a project for mixing.
    It may not speed up my workflow but it will encourage me to take care of getting rid of some rough edges that I would normally just try and forget or hide in the mix because it is so quick, simple and effective in use.
    This has already found its way among my short-list of very select ‘goto’ tools.

    Kudos to you Sir.

  31. bootsy,

    do you prefer the control/shift + drag or the right click drag for fine dial and fader adjustment?


  32. I am REALLY liking preFIX! Everything is so easy to use and each section sounds fantastic both on it’s own and when used with the others. It worked wonders on some cruddy drum recordings today, and it didn’t take much time at all to fix them (thanks to preFIX!)

    Thank you so much!

  33. This pluggin is simply amazing.
    I do have one request though i know a lot of blind musicians that would love to use your vsts, could you make them a bit more blind friendly? so a blind person can customize the usage ofthe pluggins?

  34. ivsound says:

    Hi, and thanks for another excellent tool.

    One question:

    There seems to be phase shift occuring when enabling the Phase module, with all controls at 0.
    Is this intended behavior?

  35. Thank you very much!

  36. Amazing Work! Unbelievable! Thanks a lot!

  37. cool:spring! says:

    ok, i tried it in an external sidechain setup, i used a hihat sound to trigger a reverberated signal of a synth. the attack shape generates clicks at every peak setting. with the two rms settings it isn’t precise (as it is not intended to be), so it’s not useful for triggering percussive sounds. i would implement an attack shaping control to soften the attack and avoid clicks, since otherwise the ext sidechain would be pretty useless.
    for the rest it’s wonderful: it’s a perfect complement to the nasty vcs! everything that lacks there, is present here!
    thanks for your hard work

  38. Thankx again Bootsy… another brilliant plugin indeed…

    Best wishes….

  39. I will try it soon, because i do mix contests and most of the time, drum tracks/guitars are not so great 😉

    If ppl get confused about how it work and difference between phase rotation (all pass filter) and audio alignment (delay between audio takes), there are some articles on Gearslutz and such websites.

    To be short, when you time align two audio tracks, you can only align one source with another source (ex: snare top with snare bottom).
    But if you got multiple sources in a single take (ex:overheads), you just can’t align each source on left overhead with right overhead.Because when you time-align one source, all others are not 😉
    (ex: you can align them on middle tom, but all others elements are not time aligned because they are not at the same distance from each mic)

    And this is were PreFIX start : by rotating phase without changing time alignment, you “minimize” the phase troubles between multiples sources.And you can even use it as “creative” stereo imaging, with mono compatibility, not only as FIX 😉

    This plugin is going to be a killer on drums and guitar takes 😀
    Nice work from all ppl implicated 😉

    Thanks !!!

  40. It seems like the download link has expired.. :/

    I know u’ll FIXit 😀

    Thanks from Argentina!

  41. I love your plugins! and this is absolutely AMAZING! but, i’m having issues…since i work on ProTools, i’m using PreFix via wrapper…it seems the latency of the plugin is not well compesated…maybe is the wrapper?
    All other plugins, like bootEQ, Density, VCS ecc… works fine!

    it seems a latency of a few samples… under 50 samples…if i load the plugin in the snare track, with ALL modules turned off, i get some comb filtering with the overhead track. If I quit Prefix, comb filtering disappears.
    Can you do something?
    By the way, great work! and thank you for your plugins!

    • seems to be bug – I’ll put it on the maintenance release shortlist

      • I get latency problems in Reaper when using the pre-open function of the gate..
        What is the latency of the plugin and isn’t the pre-open timing reported to the host so it can be delay compensated?

  42. Thanks, Prefix is great.
    However, it seems I’m having some CPU (denormal?) issues with it and Reaper.
    When having several instances loaded, prefix may start sucking cpu randomly and then I’m getting dropouts. Also when stopping playback cpu shoots up and Reaper gui turns unresponsive.
    I hope this helps, cheers

    • can you confirm that this is only when the main EQ is switched in ?

      • I can see the same behavior regardless what modules are turned on.
        Also it seems that if I’m having several instances of prefix and all modules are turned off in all instances, they may still drain cpu.
        I hope this makes any sense.

  43. Jonathon says:

    Why wont you make osx versions of your plugins? They were my favorite to use when I was PC based, but now I’m on a Mac and would love to be able to use them again. It just seems like a logical thing to do sense most of the music making world is mac based. I’m not here to start a PC vs mac battle ( I was a very hard core PC guy so I understand any of the arguments ) I just like to see some of your beautifully designed plugins come to mac. It may be my ignorance, but you may have already covered reasons why you would or would not do it in previous posts. So forgive me if this is redundant. All and all I just miss your plugins. Thanks for all your work.

  44. Jonathon says:

    For how studious and diligent you are with your research and development I feel you should some how be compensated for all that hard work. Why not charge even a little bit for your efforts. I’m sure most everyone here would be more than happy to pay you for all you’ve done for us. That way if its a time issue you would be freed up from this not being a financial burden. I guess I just want to see people who are great at something be able to us that as a means of living. Do a job you love never work a day in your life kinda thing. Also for selfish reasons, that I’d love to still get to experience the great things you do without just reading about them and getting to use them. Bootsie I’m very excited for what the future holds for you (maybe even mac development ) and I wish only the very best for you, congratulations on the new plug it looks like a great one as per usual.

  45. Analogue Addict says:

    What great plug ins. I love pre fix, a valuable tool. Very cool.

  46. Loving this plugin… really helped me with some really tricky phase issues recently. Just one tiny ‘bug’/feature request… The project I was working was a live acoustic recording and phase alignment between sources would actually change during the performance as the performers moved. I was getting some clicks when automating changes like changing from low to high, changing to delay from 0 to another value, clicking phase section in and out etc. I’m running PT7.1 and running the plug via the FXpansion wrapper.

    Apart from that it’s awesome. Another brilliant tool! Thank you so much…


  47. Can anyone help me recreate a bug?
    I can’t seem to get either Prefix, VCS or baxter to behave properly with Cubase 6 automation. they work fine statically. Sometimes they follow whilst the plugin is on screen, sometimes not, and sometimes the controls move from the automation but the sound doesn’t change. If you load a project with previous automation as opposed to testing it having just done the automation, it doesn’t work at all! have Steinberg done something to 6 to mess sm plugs up?

  48. hi there,
    thanks for that wonderful plugin, i really like it a lot! just one thing, i am running into the following error: i am using Audition 3.0.1 and if i want to use preFIX in edit mode on a mono or stereo file it won’t work. i can adjust and tweak everything and i an hear the changes when i click on the prelistening button, but when i click OK the plugin just vanishes and nothing changed and i cannot open any other plugin until i restart audition.

    quite a strange behavior i guess, has anyone experienced similar issues?

    if i put preFIX onto a mixer channel in the multitrack view, it works fine. ???


  49. Thank you for the awesome plugin ❤ Im using the scope in every song, it warks perfect!

  50. I’m new to phase alignment/rotation. I would LOVE either a doc or a video demonstrating the sections of preFIX (especially the phase rotation and alignment sections) to show what it can do, what it was designed to do, and what all the controls are meant for.

    Specific question – what are the units of measurement on the phase delay control? Should I assume it’s in milliseconds?


  51. excelente

  52. Pollo Negatorio says:

    I Downloaded it but couldnt open it, does anybody know the password??

  53. Excellent plug-in! However, can you provide detailed documentation on each module’s functionality? I found the included guide very basic. That would really help me. Or, does anyone know an in-dept tutorial explaning some more advanced functions of the phase aligment tool? Thanks a lot! This plug-in rocks!

  54. Subhrajit dalai says:

    This plugin is notworking
    any suggestion

  55. descargar

  56. I want to download free plugins


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