some great freebie tips

Urs' Tyrell Nexus6

Quite recently u-he released his awesome “Tyrell” software synthesizer as a freeware for the german online magazine If you are seriously into synth based music production then this is a must try for sure. It does not feature any fancy fx section but just raw synth waveform combination and modulation which are executed brilliantly. Soundwise this offers true analog qualities which includes both, punch and balls as well as some mojo which you rarely find in digital synths as of today.

NastyDLA - classic chorus echo device

As with classic mono synths, a great effect complement is a chorus/echo combination or maybe a tape delay. In this case I’ve chosen NastyDLA (for obvious reasons) and dialed in just a basic mono “tape delay style” delay line with some subtle modulation. This fills in the gaps in the original pattern and sums everything up to a rather complete and appealing sequence.

the Bricasti M7 - IR samples by Samplicity

Both, the dry signal and the output of the delay are then fed into a stereo reverb, which is a pretty common technique to obtain that “larger than life” space impression. In this case the excellent and free Samplicity impulse response library from the Bricasti M7 was used. On my own I usually prefer algorithmic reverbs but in this specific delay/reverb combination the static impulses are working quite well since there are lots of modulation going on in the original already and the delay adds some modulations on top too.


  1. already in use here. really great tool. 🙂

  2. Jeff Bishop says:

    Excellent tip! More please 🙂

  3. Tyrell is my favorite software synth atm and using Nasty DLA in every project since it’s release.. I simply love it!
    A very good and more suitable for Tyrell freeware chorus alternative would be the TAL Chorus 60 which is an emulation after the Juno60 chorus, so definitely recommend trying it out!

  4. u-he, not bad ! Synth1 + KVR user banks still unbeatable ! 😉 Free True Stereo Bricasti M7 IRs also here:

    btw: when comes the first Bootsy-Synth ???

  5. Apical Boob says:

    Yeah!… Bootsy Synth!!!

  6. Ike Lee says:

    Great article,
    it would be great to have this kind of inspirational tips more often! Especially showcasing the quality and possibilities of yours and other Freeware effects and instruments!


    Bootsy synth!!!
    (though honestly we might have enough good synths on the freeware side of things since Tyrell)

  7. i think we don´t need a bootsy synth only maybe, or maybe other effect plugins. because the tyrell is so great and i don´t need more vst synths.

  8. yes tyrell is a real beast, one of the best synth on the net, pure sound .
    imo i would like that bootsy put his touch on a analog path emulation(consoles emulations by exple) and for a guy who love sound design like me : a pitch shifter a la bootsy !
    it will be wonderful !

  9. 0b1kn00b says:

    *tips hat*

  10. where is the download link????????

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