if I’m not here …

… I’m just taking my usual summer break and probably gonna be back here somewhere later in August.

Meanwhile in germany:

Half the population here is running crazy over women’s soccer world cup. To make things even worse some recent downtown summer festivals were just causing traffic jams all over the region. Instead of joining such condemnable events I’ve made assiduous efforts in pursuing my everlasting search for the tool of the tools – just for your pleasure. Due to your ongoing demand for fix everything with just one click solutions I’ve finally came across this one which is definitely a keeper. Don’t hesitate to check it out and please leave me a short note on how your mixes had improved since using it!



  1. Haha, nice humor 😉 !

    Have some good time during summer ! Can’t wait to see/hear your forthcoming mastering plugin, and your new saturation algo that’s in the works.

  2. Gearoid says:

    Works quite well here; presume it’s still in beta though (as problems came back after a while) 😉

  3. Well, Waves already did the OneKnob series.

    Have nive holidays 🙂

  4. have a great time bootsy..


  5. Oh thank god, that was all that was wrong with my mix, you saved the day!

  6. make everything ok ! wa !~

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