BaxterEQ – final teaser and release info

(click to enlarge)

BaxterEQ – transparent mastering and mix buss shelving EQ

Finest tonal sweetening and finishing which always stays true to the source

  • natural and accurate bass response
  • authentic analog like HF curve rendering
  • smoothest shelving operation

Perfect support for the mastering chain

  • stepped controls throughout for repeatability and matched channel operation
  • full dual channel layout
  • full mid-side encoding support
  • per channel level control for unflawed A/B match

Artifact free technical design

  • low ripple and distortion filter implementations
  • 64bit floating point internal processing
  • oversampled for superior impulse response

Well-selected key frequency settings

  • Baxandall shelving filters
    • LF @ 74, 84, 98, 116, 131, 166, 230 and 361 Hz
    • HF @ 1.6, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 3.4, 4.8, 7.1, 11 and 18 kHz
  • 2-pole Butterworth filters
    • LC @ 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 43 and 54 Hz
    • HC @ 7.5, 9, 11.1, 12.6, 16, 21, 28 and 40 kHz

An additional analog signal path emulation provides some subtle but precious stereo imaging improvements.

BaxterEQ is a Windows x32 freeware release for VST compatible applications and will be available in September 2011.


  1. An early Christmas.
    THANK YOU !!!

  2. Pretty awesome GUI, can’t wait to try it
    Dangrous BAX inspired? If yes can you tell us something about it?
    Did you actually modeled or..?
    thanks for your great plugins!

  3. Looks like an extremely welcome addition to the weapon chamber !
    If you can stop looking at that beautiful UI, that is … 😉

  4. wow cant wait looks very nice …awesome gui’s like always …keep it up Bootsie 😉

  5. I KNOW this will be good. I don’t even have to hear it. I can feel it.

  6. Oh goody, goody, goody! I can’t wait to add this one to the arsenal. Everything I get from VOS is top-notch.

  7. Patrick’s greatest pr0n-like 3D image yet H man hihi

  8. Nice!

  9. Gregory Galfo - Anvil Records says:

    WoW… looks wonderful… can’t wait to try it ~ when is the release date ??? Thank you!

  10. woohoo.. 😀

  11. Droooooool inducing :0)

  12. Looks excellent – if it is up to your usual standard, whoopee! Cant wait.

  13. a god’s send like all your creations !
    HUGE thanks by advance at herbert and patrick for all the wonderful plugs they have shared with us since their first plug !

    but ..what is their first plug ? rescue ? tesla ? density ?

  14. I really love the Ferric, magic tool!, looking forward to this.

    PS:what does that G inside the triangle mean?

    • world domination! resistance is futile!

      ok, it’s a logo for the project and is a metaphor/icon representing my lastname – Patrick kindly created that.

      • Cool, as long as you not part of a secret organization bent on world domination and the enslavement of the lesser peasants, im cool with that, lol 😉

  15. Thank you very much (again) in advance, Herbert and Patrick. I still can’t believe how incredibly generous you are to share these amazing recording tools with us all. I honestly couldn’t (or would want to) do without them!

  16. 1) No need for two VOL knobs. One would be easier and better (Pan / Stereo width), because overall level would stay the same and that is a must when judging which sounds better – dry or wet.

    2) Needs monitor switch for listening only channel you’re working with.

    I’m really bored with this retro trend of GUI’s. This is software and there is no point making it look like hardware. I guess it makes users feel somewhat special… that’s why there is so much drooling in comments. Guys, be real – most of you aren’t really into serious production, you just like to fantasize you’re fiddling with some pro gear. Toys for older boys, nothing more. ReaEQ does the same thing and more, but it doesn’t look so needlessly flashy.

    But I welcome this EQ, since it is made professionaly and with love, and it’s free. Kudos to developers.

    • Some of us like a beautiful GUI in addition to an amazing software. If I painted shit over your hypothetical CL63 AMG, would you drive it?

      Anyway, can’t wait for the release! Keep up the good work.

    • u know, sometimes gui is everything. i was into logic most of time cuz of gui. protools is a disaster when goes to gui. reaper was a mess (but for sure its a superior daw anyway, thanks god now in 4 installment it have a very nice and slick gui). if gui is fucked, its not a pleasure to work with app.

  17. 1.) Is that not what the ‘in’ is for?
    2.) Could agree with you … but do not think it forms part of the ‘design’

    For most EQ work, I prefer the ‘free’ Melda Eq, rather than ReaEQ.
    …And almost always have ‘boot’ inserted as well 😉

    The reason there is drooling is because the plugs sound fantastic my friend!
    Feel special ’cause it sounds special.
    You’re right, most of us have not won a Grammy, no.
    Well, …not yet anyway.

  18. Luka Manolo says:

    Letter G in the triangle: What does it mean?

  19. Looking forward to it and am extremely thankful for all you do.

  20. Really looking forward to the release – you’ve never disappointed.

  21. it’s september 🙂

  22. @Henk
    1) IN is only for bypassing. So, if you turn Side VOL knob clockwise, and leave Mid VOL at default position, which is probably the most of you will do when you want to widen the stereo with this plugin, you’ll get louder level then dry signal. It is completely useless to compare dry/wet on different levels. In this EQ if you want to widen the stereo image and stay with same loudness you must turn one VOL knob clockwise and other counterclockwise the same amount… which would be needless if you have only one knob for same action.

    2) Listening just one channel at the time can be a lifesaver. For instance, you can hear how will mix sound when it’s summed to mono, or hear rumble on low frequencies that has slipped into Side channel, not to mention it’s easier to focus on one signal than two at the same time. Since it would be only one small button it is part of imperfect ‘design’. I guess it’s too late to fix that imperfection.

    (i mentioned ReaEQ as one of many free EQs that have much greater flexibility that BaxterEQ)

    Plugins sounding fantastic?! Only as the next one which has same impluse/frequency response, harmonic distortion and dynamics curve. And if you do measurements in your host or with VST plugin analyser, you’ll see how “fantastic” are the differences. But you must leave aural prejudices aside.

    GUI aesthetics is one thing, GUI usability other. If you really must have brushed aluminum frontplate and extremely realistic knobs so you can work with, then you’re misplacing you’re priorities. Look at ValhallaRoom and tell me why is it in any way inferior in it’s usability? Or just look at any professional graphic, video, notation software… only in audio production there is this superficial need for elaborate GFX.

    I would drive my hypothetical CL63 AMG (!?) to hypothetical car-wash service and hypotheticaly clean it of your hypothetical painted shit. Then drive it.

    • So the looks of your car do matter to you, regardless of it’s performance in fulfilling the purpose it was made for (by the way, the car is great, look it up :). Thank you for proving my point.

      Oh, and I actually agree with both of your suggestions. Two volume knobs are not necessary, because one would be much easier to work with. And yes, monitor switch would be amazing addition too.

      • Car is more than just a vehicle to transport you from A to B. It is status symbol, sometimes even object of desire, it tells other people a little bit about your personality and taste… Piece of software should be just a utility and judged primarily by it’s performance and user-friendliness, not by it’s looks (maybe only when it’s painfully awful to look at). When you buy computer, do you look first how stylish is it’s case or check for hardware specifications?

        • I build my own PCs, so I get to choose my case independently of other components.

          As for the car… The only thing it shows is how much money one has got. Get out of the house and take a look in the street. I doubt all those people chose their cars because it reflects their personalities and tastes (unless you live in Monte Carlo, then you just might be right).

          If we like a nice GUI for the software we are using, what’s the problem with that? Does it hurt you in anyway? That’s right, no it doesn’t.

          In the comment below you mentioned that you don’t even use Bootsy’s plugins. Why comment here then?

          Anyway, the guy producing Australian band sleepmakeswaves used some of the Bootsy’s plugins (also used freeware amp sims) in their latest album.

        • A car is a status symbol? Now “who’s” priorities are mixed-up? A piece of software “should be just a utility…”? Since when do you decide what priorities are important to whom? That’s rhetorical; I’m not interested in a response from you. Only lonely, immature people put such condescending BS up on boards. BTW, I’m not feeding the troll, I’m rightfully slapping it. If you have something useful to say, say it, but drop the superiority BS and insults to others, People like you should know by now, you don’t befriend others that way. That’s the polite version. You obviously aren’t impressed with this, so there’s no need to come back if that’s how you’re going to be.

    • As a compulsive tweaker, I’ve found the layout of Patrick’s designs to be as simple to understand as I would want in order to work most efficiently. As well, they are sweet to look at, which certainly doesn’t hurt, especially on a computer monitor.

      Besides the superb sonic quality of the algorithms which Bootsy utilizes in his plugins (they have a mojo which sets them apart, my ears tell me that), I do appreciate being able to patch in an equalizer or a compressor which resembles and behaves like an actual hardware model, rather than a spreadsheet program. What’s your issue with that?

      • from freedictionary:

        1. a magic charm or spell.

        There is no place for magic in science and this EQ processes audio according to science. Science says that any hearable sound phenomenom can be measured. Maybe your ear can hear harmonic coloration 60dB or more under nominal level, my can’t. Or, what is more likely, you’re hearing them with your brain. I rely on exact and precise measurements and try to leave passionate subjectivity aside.

        • I doubt Bill really meant that plugins are magical literally. Like he said, they have that sound which sets them apart, which is the result of the code not magic.

          What’s the problem with you attacking personal preferences all over the place?

        • eightynine says:

          Your “passionate subjectivity” seems to have led you to think reaEQ could get the same sound as any other EQ . . .
          I don’t think you know what you’re talking about – there are many many different ways to implement filters and all of them will sound different – i.e. there will be a measurable change in freq response, phase response or group delay. if you didn’t pick that up with your exact and precise measurements you must have gone wrong somewhere

  23. Will it be possible to use the plugin in perspective like in the screenshot? 😉
    Would be a first!

  24. Having a sole volume control for when using BaxterEQ in M/S mode would be well not very flexable and on top of that when not using it as in regular L/R mode having a volume for each signal is still again the most logical way to go, Offers far more control. Pan on a processor plug-in by that i mean not an ‘effect’? That would not be of any use whatsoever to me as different host applications do sometimes have seperate pan laws (usually user configuarable yes but still not everyone will be using more than one host application and work with the default pan law the host application is set to). With that in mind, Cluttering up the GUI with various pan law settings to match every host is just not practical, Even if it were a back panel type setting so it is not always on display still totally unecessary. Regarding what the GUI itself looks like is really not that much of a concern as far as i am concerned so long as the actual stuff ‘under the hood’ is suitable to my needs, I do not care what it looks like as i am not listening to what a GUI appears to be or not to be but having said that if is eye catching/pleasing then bonus and is no bad thing. I really can not see (sic) what the issue is considering that you have not used the plug-in yet, It is not delevoped by Cockos or Sean, Suggesting that it should look more like ReaEQ and more like Vallaha Room (or either of the other two plug-ins) is the same as those whom prefer a more realistic hardware-like GUI. Finally this type of Equalizer is anything but generic and problem solving/surgical and that is the whole point. If you specifically require the need to instantly solo the mid/summ or side/difference the grab Brainworx Music’s bx_solo and drop it just after BaxterEQ and your set/that is that taken care of? No

    Free, Consistantly good sounding, Consistantly good looking, Consistantly functional to use and Consitantly making alot of plug-in users really grateful, Genuinely happy for such tools…If it ain’t broke then why try to fix a non-existant problem? Think about it iJovica

    • – When you use EQ that separates stereo signal into L/R or M/S and process each channel differently, levels of each processed channel can be different than on input. So, it’s logical to have a control to correct that difference (or even more accent it) and if you look that way pan, as much as stereo width, makes sense. Every host has gain control, but rarely you see plugin that hasn’t got it too. Because it is the integral part of most plugins behaviour to adjust level after/before processing. And single control works better that two knobs, because it’s BALANCE of two signals, not their individual levels that you’re adjusting.

      – I guess you also didn’t have a chance to use this plugin yet. Some things can be seen just by looking at interface and what it offers. Also, I never suggested that it should look like anything else, just giving examples of different approach – substance over style, which I prefer.

      – If I need to put another plugin to compensate for incompleteness of BaxterEQ, then what’s the point with having VOL controls at all? I could simply load any plugin that has them and voila – problem solved.

      – It ain’t broke for you. I’ve tried every Bootsy plugin, found them cute, but deleted all of them after few days, when I saw their limitations. They are not so great for my needs and workflow, although I’m sure they’re perfect for some other users.

      Believe me, I thought about it. Stay cool my friend.

      • Sigh, a lonely troublemaker and not as proficient as your delusional mind seems to think. WA Tube Saturator doesn’t have an input control, and it isn’t necessary if you DID know how to work without one. What’s your motivation here? You said you’ve deleted all Bootsy plugins and you have issues with this one. What’s you’re motivation here? All you’re doing is making most of the people here say WTF and then laugh their asses off. LOL, piss off my friend 😉

        • I’m sorry if I offended anyone, didn’t mean to do it. I’m humbled by your rational arguments and insights. Please, let me in your bootsy-worshiping cult, I’ll never ever question his superiority and be loyal as all of you other minions.

          • None of this is about worshiping anyone, it’s about appreciation and civil tactfulness absent of bizarre contempt. There have been many suggestions raised during preliminary and ongoing assessments for all his plug-ins, and he graciously listens to and often incorporates those which move the plug-in forward. It’s not about superiority, it’s about giving people something to feel good about that goes beyond his more than considerate sharing. No one has problems with your input, it’s your condescending style. It’s very simple, any good ideas you may have to share have been overshadowed by your insults. Maybe we can start over…?

            • I agree. You seem the most rational (and may I add handsome) person over here.

              Let’s start over and be great buddies!

              1) No need for two VOL knobs. One would be easier and better (Pan / Stereo width), because overall level would stay the same and that is a must when judging which sounds better – dry or wet.

              2) Needs monitor switch for listening only channel you’re working with.

              I’m really bored with this retro trend of GUI’s. This is software and there is no point making it look like hardware. I guess it makes users feel somewhat special… that’s why there is so much drooling in comments. Guys, be real – most of you aren’t really into serious production, you just like to fantasize you’re fiddling with some pro gear. Toys for older boys, nothing more. ReaEQ does the same thing and more, but it doesn’t look so needlessly flashy.

              But I welcome this EQ, since it is made professionaly and with love, and it’s free. Kudos to developers.

      • Fair enough, To each thier own and all. I shall do that


  25. Unfortunately your plugins make Reaper silent after a while. The audio engine just stop working with a clearly audible click. And then Reaper is dead, which is a nice ambiguity by the way.

  26. I’ve had that problem with a few of the older plugs (the legacy series) but never with the more recent ones. Now, when that occurs, I can usually trace it to either another plug-in (Voxengo CurveEQ, specifically, in my case) or my faulty Asio drivers (the hard-to-acquire M-Audio Delta1010 LT beta and the now unsupported Edirol DX M-16).
    In a worst case scenario, I can usually finish out a mixing session by switching to the generic WaveOut driver before saving and rebooting.

    “Reaper is dead” — haha 😉

  27. There are always bashers…

    No Mac version, SE/SM bug, 0dbfs gain…
    All Bootsy plugs worked right for me in several hosts.

    And personally i don’t care about ppl not using them : too bad for them.
    They can complain all they want and say those plugs suck.
    They are just stupid or just jealous.
    So they don’t deserve them.
    Go buy the full Waves suite and sell your soul to buy it 😉

    PS : i will be an happy BaxterEQ user soon 😀
    It will do wonder along my new Nebula workflow 😉

  28. Another winner coming! Yes yes yes!

  29. Great sounding plug-ins that look cool too, and free? Fantastic! Bashing this deal is something I don’t understand. The motivation is suspect, and I hate to use the word stupid, but it may apply here.
    These are good tools that make my mixes work, and I really appreciate it.

  30. @iJovica….You deleted all the plugs? Then why bother to run your mouth here?
    I use UAD AND VOS only and frankly I have been leaning to VOS. Why? Because they are freeking great! It’s a long process to use any set of plugs from any designer. This tells me you know jack shit. Because there is no way you tested them in all circumstances on different instruments. Bla Bla Bla, many of us that use DAW exclusively know how important these plugs are. Perhaps you use a two hundred thousand dollar board and very high end gear. If so then WTF are you doing here?????

  31. @iJovica
    Funny user name you have. 😛 Just, I’m glad you aren’t an app, because it’d be the first virus my iPod caught. 😛 It’s like…

    “Yeah, I’m still waiting for the iJovica 1.5 update including the ‘knows to shut up and move on when doesn’t like something that’s free’ improvement and a few other bug fixes. It was promised last month, and damn it, I’m still waiting.”

    You know, if you don’t like the plugins here, why don’t you blow it out your app? xD

    Random thought of the day – Eden World Builder just got an update, and it appears to be a really good one!

    • Actually, I was using that username long before any Apple product and I’m suing them for last few years for copyright infringement. I never had or wanted anything that Apple made, it’s contrary to my already stated philosophy of function over form (substance over style).

      You have exquisite sense of humor, you are bound to be famous stand-up comedian. The way you wryly connected my username and iPod, and put a spin as if it were a virus app… pure genius.

      I surrender. You were all right – I’m lonely, immature, stupid, jealous, delusional, troublemaking troll with funny username, that doesn’t know when to shut up and knows jack shit about equalizers.

      Farewell. Stay classy and open-minded, not to mention funny.

  32. HI Guys, looking forward to the newplug, just a quicky to say there is a new review site with Bootsys plugs on,
    be sure to vote!

  33. As usual, innovative and worthwhile stuff. Cannot wait. Keep on making fun things to give us all a little spice!

  34. Silvio Ecomo says:

    Looking forward to this Bootsy. Crossing fingers and everything 😉

  35. Can not wait!!

  36. HappyMinion says:

    Variety Of Sound, preFIX and Ferric (with a picture) all get a mention in September’s
    Sound On Sound magazine.

  37. Any news on the release?

  38. Please please please soon!
    Thank’s a lot for your generous work!

  39. I think i could make some use of this, looks easy to use, i wonder what the LF and HF are set to though?

  40. The ‘shoulder’ is/should be what is on the GUI but that is far from what is only affected AFAIK Aaron, Herb is the only one who can confirm that though 🙂 Then exactly how those shoulders are affected via the 2-pole butterworth filters cutting into i would say especially upon the HF ‘shoulders’ is again something i would not be at all confident assuming upon whereas Herb will be able to and even more so operating in M/S mode (Oh and when it is released there will be a raft of those whom will be going crazy with there analyzer tools upon this :-O I can see that being many pages long threads! hihi). The review of BAX EQ in TapeOp ( is probably the best read i know of for what its worth for an idea 😀

  41. Don Wolfram says:

    Yes, eagerly waiting for this. Bootsy rules as always.

  42. I simply can’t wait for this release either! I would love to have a sweetening-styled EQ like this in my latest mixdown.

  43. where is it????

  44. Leo Alvarez says:


  45. September nearly over Bootsy, when can we expect it?

  46. Maybe it’s because I have such an abstract concept of time frames, Gregorian calendars and such but count me as one who is just keeping busy with tracking and mixdown projects until Bootsy deems his newest creation as “ready to release” before making it available for everyone. No huge hurry on my part!
    I mean, what did I ever do before I read that BaxterEQ was in the offing?

    I feel badly about the daily pressure that so many of us are putting Herb and Patrick under as of late. Good thing people didn’t do that to The Beatles while they were recording Sgt Pepper. The album might have come out less polished and kind of “rushed” sounding if they did.

  47. Ive been checking this blog every day since the announcment… The anticipation is killing me .!!

  48. September will be held – the dude abides 😉

  49. James Carozza says:

    Just wanted to add my request for an audiounit version. Willing to pay for it..


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