towards stateful saturation – very first audio shots

Around a year ago or so I’ve already started to look into a couple of stateful non-linear models which could be more suitable for a musical and convincing digital saturation experience. To make it even more harder, they should avoid the usual drawbacks such as huge latency or insane cpu consumption – if ever possible of course.

Meanwhile, my journey into the non-linear DSP land has made an important stopover with a first prototype implementation for such an approach, yielding a DSP core for musical harmonic distortion generation based on a stateful model. This opens the door for quite a number of interesting applications such as harmonic exciters or devices which needs convincing amp models whether thats a compressor output stage or even part of a guitar amplifier effect.

Anyhow, here is some very first food for the audio effect gourmets. As a starter I’ve prepared some creamy (sub) bass distortion to make thinks pretty much obvious to each and everyone. Note: Full-range speakers required.

As a second course we offer delicious full spectrum distortion with a filter sweep through a basic sequencer pattern. A small portion of distortion is applied on the synth itself and delay + reverb are performed afterwards. This mainly shows the absence of aliasing especially in the higher frequency department. Also subtle imaging improvements with a more “3d” sound is presented.

As a sweet, I’m strongly recommending to test its application as a nasty non-linear output stage in a compressor. In this program material based example, compression is always in but in the beginning just with a simple linear VCA implementation. After the 1st bar a second order harmonic kicks in which highly reacts to the actual program dynamics and a further overall nonlinear behaviour gets increased in four steps.

The last one is a bit subtle at first but pretty much over the top to the end. Nevertheless, I hope you’ve enjoyed todays meal here.

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  1. Oh my goodness ! This sounds sick. Can’t wait to see your first plugin powered by your newly developed tech.

    After eating that I want more 😉 ! So tasty hehe… Top quality meal for sure.

  2. Interesting. How about a short before/after on some program material that is the exact same segment in both cases? Thinking about doing an exciter? Finally putting Crane Song out of its clipper misery? 😉

  3. Brilliant, the alias free HF especially caught my attention, so silky smooth, i cant wait for you to implement this new technology into a plugin, go Bootsy!

  4. Sounds very sweet to me. What is the bit depth/sample rate of the demos? I found the fourth sample a little bit thin at the top, but only a hint compared to what I’d like to hear.
    Looking forward to this in a plugin. Nowadays I use a Nagra for serious saturation tasks, but this is very convincing.

  5. It does not sound like stateful saturation — it sounds like TASTEFUL saturation lol=)

    Looking forward for this implemented!

  6. Cant wait to check this out bro…. Thanks ..

  7. Great!

  8. Wicked sick!

  9. Audiogeek says:

    Yummy ! Oh yeah… mmmmm


  1. […] towards stateful saturation – very first audio shots […]

  2. […] towards stateful saturation – very first audio shots […]

  3. […] towards stateful saturation – very first audio shots […]

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