There are quite a bunch already present as you can read on the testimonials page here. Today, I just want to mention this one which arrived on my facebook page today:

Just a quick message to say congratulations Sir on your many wonderful devices, of which baxterEQ is a welcome addition indeed! We at Plug-in are huge fans and have released many tracks now using them, including bounce and boom by Box Bottom (from the uk vimto advert!), and all the mixes for Kryder Tracks. There are many more to come too, so thankyou so much for this amazing software. your blogs are equally fascinating too, all the best – Ben B, director/engineer

On top, there was a very nice review for the BaxterEQ in the DAS Blog,  yesterday (german language).

I just want to say a big thanks to you all for so much feedback I’ve received so far, whether it was a feature request, criticism or appreciation.

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  1. I normally sit on the sidelines, but I thought I’d also take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent offerings. I appreciate your conceptual designs, the engineering, the attention to musicality, and the math that makes it all happen in your plug-ins.

    Thanks again!

  2. Fair enough. You deserve this and much more.

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