DSI Tempest – so is this going to be the hottest groovebox on planet?

Demo by Richard Devine:

Tempest – Beat Exercise from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Just playing a rhythmic beat exercise on the new Tempest Drum machine by Dave Smith and Roger Linn. Interesting drum synthesis and parameter control allows for some really cool beat manipulation. The sounds featured are from 4 different analogue synthesis kits I created and programmed.



Roger itself on the machine:

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  1. Do hardware groove boxes really matter anymore? With the advent of software and now iOS devices like iPad with software like SampleTank for iPhone or GrooveMaker can be had for little dough. http://www.ikmultimedia.com/amplitubeiphone/features/

  2. It does kind of toss the Machinedrum to the ground and steps on its head, doesnt it? 🙂

  3. I still don’t understand why hardware has to be so overpriced, these machines have been around since the 70’s and they just keep getting more expensive.
    At $2000 are these prices really justified?
    Dont get me wrong i would love to own this machine, but with that money one can buy a very powerfull pc or a pretty decent workstation with keyboard to complete a track from start to finish, yes its analog, and it sounds fantastic, but at some point people have to start asking themselves if they being taken for a ride.

  4. What would be your alternative in software?

  5. Live + a controller. Far more flexible and interesting. There are millions of ways of investing bettter your money than this, unless your daddy is rich of course

    • That’s not the same thing at all, I’ve been using live for many years (love it and my apc40) and have been around and worked with lots of analog gear. The two are not comparable and you’d have to work really hard to get live to sound as good as that, if you’ve ever heard drums programmed on a mopho or tetra that should be obvious. if you want to talk software alternatives arturia’s solution looks more like it fits the bill, and there’s stuff like maschine out there as well. But this is a proper analog drum machine with digital control and it doubles as a 6 voice analog, that’s a unique featureset for a groovebox as far as i know. Sure you could setup ableton, max/msp or whatever to do what it does but unless you’re as good an interface designer as roger linn that’s a LOT of hours of tweaking and researching and if you make up your own time in money that’s a nobrainer.

      I think the price could come down a fair bit as well but on the other hand having all the options of software isnt always a good thing, that’s one of the reasons why the varosound plugins work out so well.

      • Totally agree. I own Maschine, Ableton and the APC20 and every freakin plug-in known to humanity but nothing sounds as punchy or growly through my monitors than my 100% analogue DSI Mopho.

        I’m saving hard for the Tempest…By the time I get the money together it should be out of the beta OS.

        and IMHO having all that software can be a bit of a curse – two much tweaking and not enough music making. Just my ywo cents worth 🙂

  6. Waay overpriced. It should cost around 600 Euros maximum.

  7. I don’t think it will be, it’s way over priced and doesn’t have sounds you can only really get with analogue equipment. If it was a few hundred dollars less, maybe, but as it stands now I’d rather spend my money on stuff from Metasonix

  8. a good guitar costs a lot, good drums cost a lot, a good bass guitar costs a lot, a good amp costs a lot…why can’t a good synth cost a lot? i don’t get it? seriously comparing tempest to software is like comparing a car with a motorcycle: both take you from a to b, but it’s simply not the same.

  9. Well i think the Elektron Oktatrack will be an alternative.

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