Vinylmania: when life runs at 33 revolutions per minute

Vinylmania, Trailer of the film from vinylmaniafilm on Vimeo.


Visit their Blog at, watch the full length film at (german/french only).


  1. habs gestern im tv gesehen echt guter bericht.

  2. Vinyl……. That’s groovy! Thank God someone else misses the warmth and crackle of a record. (That’s what us geezers used to listen to back when mastadons roamed the earth. Bravo!

    • Meh, vinyl schminyl. Who needs all this new fangled, disc-shaped hibbity-hoo? everyone knows if you want real analog warmth, you go for the wax cylinders! Darned whippersnappers. 😉

  3. vinyl – my everlasting love! pure magic!

  4. More than vinyl, it is a society critic 😉
    Trashable, immaterial music, constantly flowing…

    Capitalism created the vinyl market, the CD one and now virtual MP3s.
    Every time, the trash is near.
    How many ppl already discarded all their CDs to keep only numerical formats ?
    I don’t even speak about vinyls 😀

    MP3 ?
    Clic to get them, press Delete to make them disappear.
    What will stay from today numeric releases in 30 years ?
    Even less than vinyl ones…

    More mass and less quality.
    Not because of the format (i don’t care about listening to cassette, vinyl,CD,MP3…) but because of the music industry spirit, related to the global surrounding spirit.

    Since the beginning of musical industry and medias, music was sold like yogurts.
    Being in the 60’s or todays change nothing.The same methods are employed to sell music, and even any form of art, than yogurts, in every musical format (vinyl,CD,MP3…).
    You need NEW things, because if you don’t, capitalism is dead and greedy ppl can’t buy their car, house, pool, prostitutes,cocaïne,flat TV,surround sound system…everything they can buy in fact 😀

    That’s called marketing, the son of capitalism.
    Capitalism is killing us all, not only vinyl.
    and this is not only related to musical industry.

    Because if there is a vinyl revival, you can be sure all those greedy ppl will come and sell vinyls again…the same ppl who tried to kill it to sell CDs and MP3s, making you buying the same music again and again on every possible format.

    Sorry for the long post, but if you retained only the vinyl sound debate, you missed emotion, history,artistic revolution,passion,social criticism…a lot more than the sound itself 😉

    PS : i will listen to Depeche Mode “Everything counts” now (check the lyrics) :

    On MTV (1983)…fun isn’t it ?

    • It doesn’t depend on capitalism, it depends on the people. Even in communism there were not less greedy people, neither in monarchy or dictatorship.

      Vinyl has the advantage that you can touch it. MP3 you can’t touch, therefore it has less value. An image can be hanged up on a wall, MP3 cannot.

      We need a new form of music which people can touch and connect with.

  5. @Phil: I could not agree more to what already said. Just as an extend and to think about it (sound wise): Would it be possible to press a todays mastered mix on to vinyl? Technically: no.

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