how music travels

Click image to open interactive version (via Thomson Holidays).



  1. I think this is not a correct picture of music history

  2. That’s a cool one. Short music history on fast forward :))

  3. Ha, very cute. The did get a lot of it right though one glaring omission is the Jamaica->UK connection in the late 60’s-70s-80s, etc. That had a direct connection to many seminal genres including JA dub’s influence on early hardcore, jungle/Drum & bass, plus all of the JA influenced MCing in dozens of genres.

    Which brings up a related topic. Jamaican music doesn’t get enough credit in terms of the history of electronic dance music. IMNSHO, almost all of the ideas, techniques, approaches in electronic dance music originated in Jamaica. Think about it: the entire concept of remixing tracks, stripping a song down to drums and bass, heavy use of bass as the main melodic line, heavy use of studio effects including using effects as primary song elements, early use of synths (Bob Marley), ginormous sound systems w/ huge sub woofers (including mobile ginormous sound systems), creative DJing w/ back spinning effects, the list goes on. All of the above were widely adopted in JA in the 60’s except for the synths which appeared on Marley’s albums by 1972. I don’t think it’s an accident that the UK was such leader in electronic dance music considering that the huge presence that Jamaican music has had there.

    Comments welcome.

    • And if you’d look further back where the Jamaican music is coming from, you’ll see that the real roots of dance music, hip hop, funk and soul, r & b, whatsoever, are lying in Africa. I’m not black but IMHO the great continent Africa is totally underestimated in terms of the roots of music. Without the black people all we would have were classic, opera, country, folk and rock music, not even pop music as some of the drum patterns often have some African elements, too.

  4. By the way, where is Germany? Do we have really no influence on music styles? No good musicians in a country where the first DAW’s, the VST format and some synthesizers was invented?

  5. Man, that is pretty damn cool, but there is one glaring omission in my opinion, and that is Cuba. Jamaica, calypso early jazz, swing, bebop all showed influences from Afro-Cuban musics each contributed back as well. Early rock and roll, soul, and R&B through the 50’s and 60’s showed many Cuban influences. Disco, electro, early hip-hop, and freestyle (which doesn’t appear on the map but is an oft overlooked latin electro sub genre from the 80’s) had heavy Cuban influences. Even African music embraced Cuban styles openly, if you consider Baobab and Fela.. I can’t comment on any of the tecno/house off -shoots since it ain’t my bag but I personally feel your map to be a little incomplete with out some clave tumbao thrown in.

  6. accoridion to the map, synth pop appeared out of nowhere and classical western music never existed. 12 notes first appeared in the usa.

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