See the full tracklist on vimeo. Did I ever mentioned that I love the seventies (and sixties)?



  1. kingocounty says:

    I watched this entire thing and loved it. Really. I think I was born twenty years too late.

  2. I really appreciate the post^^. In Bavaria the “Zuendfunk” always bashed and spread lame hate-jokes against that time, and well, just because we were born later doesn’t mean the time must have been lame, is it ,-)))? Quite to the contrary :-))). Cheerio,


  3. We need this kind of rebellion, happiness and enthusiasm back. But we shouldn’t forget that not everything in the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies was good. Many people died because of drugs and the situation of the nature was sad, too. I have seen many signposts on rivers in the 70ies and 80ies with inscriptions like “Polluted! Swimming and bathing prohibited!” Today bathing on most rivers at least in Germany is possible again.

    Musically I love this Californian flower power rock, because it was not only making music and party and boozing and bellowing like today, rather it was a real movement against the prudery and conservatism in society. And drugs were used to EXPAND our consciousness, not to make it numb.

    We need back what we call in Germany:


  4. Iam an old hippie and love is all we need…………….like digital needs some analog …..and life needs more peace
    welcome to the party

  5. I really love the sound aesthetics from the seventies (much better than the 80s). I still do have some prog-rock vinyl from that era – gonna keep that forever 🙂

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