Frankfurt am Main – central station

Waiting on the trains here can be a real exercise in contemplation and patience.



  1. I used, when I lived at Heidelberg, a minidisc-recorder to record stuff there^^. For some reason I always like the Frankfurt main station, so waiting on the trains was not too bad^^. If a train arrives more than 40 minutes later than expected (or needs long to be changed around^^) I recommend a short trip to the “Südseite”, a superb bookshop (Kaiserstrasse, around 5 min walk – 3 for fast guys like you;-)))). I guess even if the shop isn’t too big they must have books in 28 languages ;-))). I bought so many Dickens books there that I was called “Mr. Dickens” after a while by the Mrs. bookseller.
    Nice picture!

  2. been there -done that 😉

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