the proof: gear doesn’t matter!



  1. On eof my old favourites from the animals.

    Is this animated or all live. How was it done, ie the scanner (i think) mechanism in tune was that determined and points chosen or sampled and autotuned etc?

    Amazingly clever and way too much time on your hands. Great experiment/demo.

  2. 🙂

  3. luv it!

  4. good one Bootsie…. LOL…

  5. Gear doesn’t matter? Isn’t it the gear that makes this special in the first place?

    Nevertheless – awesome stuff!

    • Dean Aka Nekro says:

      Maybe that it is a memorable track/melody is more the point here. Well thats what i am getting from it anyway (says a guy whom melodic and music are rather at odds with one another…Seriously)

  6. The scanner trick is inspired!

  7. Gear doesn’t matter, i think its true. but this hurts my ears.

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