what I’m currently working on – Vol. 6




  1. That sounds seriously nice! Respect!

  2. Other than the extreme hole-punching suction (which drives us mastering engineers craaazy) that’s a pretty neat dynamic response. I’m glad that you’re showing it at an obvious (hopefully to everyone) extreme. There’s at least the perception (which is what counts) that a decent amount of detail has not been removed as would normally happen during such extreme signal abuse.

    • right, the gain riding is not that trivial and so there is detail available and also the snare stays upfront. What might be not that obvious to everyone in the very first place since its something that is absent: Even at this extreme settings there is virtually no IM distortion present (!)
      Instead, a slight dose of harmonic related content is dialed in (2nd and 3rd order) adding the color but in a harmonicly way (which is what “dude” refers to, below).

  3. Btw, I’m listening on calibrated (10 bands of linear-phase parametric by hand) DT-880 Pro 250s powered by an Apogee Mini-DAC. I get a lot more accurate perception of micro-dynamics like that than I do from my 802Ds (yes i have a great room too). The mix & mastering engineers that say they can’t work on em because of the opposite just haven’t tried the right cans on the right amp with amplitude/frequency correction made to sound flat to their ears. On speakers that transient onset doesn’t sound nearly as wrong, lol.

  4. Got to be honest, I hate the dressed version and love the naked version…..

  5. Apical Boob says:

    Not love…
    Not hate…
    I’m only wait.

    Thanks, Bootsy!

  6. love what’s happening to the highs (saturation?)

  7. Very Nice!

    BTW: The Drums are from Billy Jean, right? 😉

  8. Sounds tome like any other compressor squashing some drums. Whats the technical difference this time in comparison with..lets say..Densikty MKII?

  9. just a wild guess, it’s inspired by this http://homestudioguide.com/content/binary/1176LN-large.jpg
    just like the density was fairchild-inspired? ^^

  10. Sounds great at such extreme settings Bootsie…. cant wait to test it… 🙂


  11. Sounds rather good!

  12. Dean Aka Nekro says:

    Puts the snare right where i like personally really like it

  13. I have a question that may or may not be related to this post open to anybody to reply to. Many of us recording at home lack a good room and/or the proper equipment to record drums well so we use professionally recorded samples. A lot of them sound fairly good and have decent “room” sounds but I wonder if something is lacking from the sounds of the individual pieces of the kit not interacting together in a real room?
    Could this be rectified by reamping the sounds in a real room or by some other method?

  14. Free Recording Software says:

    Dang! That sounds sooooo analog. Good stuff! It’s way past where I would take things but the roundness and the warmth are crazy for a plugin. Bring it!

  15. I love this sweet punch compression. Will there be the “mid/side” mode?


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