how stereo works

Just in case you’ve ever wondered …



  1. Unfortunately when the record stores stopped being willing to stock both mono and stereo versions during the late 1960s, pan-potted mono won out and this is all we mostly have today outside of classical music. This is why we older pop music engineers rolled our eyes when the consumer electronics industry tried to market quad and tried again 25 years later with 5.1.

  2. Dean Aka Nekro says:

    Bob 5.1 and such is pretty much the reason i will dodge any post/audio to picture work. Plus it is like watching paint dry in slow motion having to anally drop in/spot the audio to a demonic and non-flexable timeline. It does nothing for me. I do like having two sets of speakers running in stereo both at the same time which is about as adventurous as i get (plus that is only for purely listening, Not tracking or mixing). My best monitor i only have one of for monitoring purposes, Its like the idea of a grotbox but instead going for quality where grot would usually be. It works really well as alot of the way i work is utilizing Mid/Sum Side/Difference…If i can not get a mix working this way then what chance do i have of getting it good with multiple channels? Stereo is plenty for me and always will be

  3. It could be said that all sound systems have 2 speakers, but that would be a stereotype.

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