what’s your destination in 2012?

On my very own I’m probably going to lean more towards the creative things like making music or photography back again. But don’t worry, there is already some exciting plug-in stuff in the making too and more on this later during this month.

So, what are you up to in 2012?


  1. moving out to a new recording studio and enjoying some intense hot weather in my home town of buenos aires.

  2. My destination is Kairo, literally. I hope the world will see what I’m talking about, hopefully someday 2013. But it involves a lot of photography and sound recording!

    Do your plugins work with photographs as well? Like a Tesla in Photoshop is making it look more grainy like film (but in that good, analouge, Tesla way).

  3. Finishing my looooong novel at last. Ah, and learning how to use those plugins better, they are made by, er, you^^.
    And as always hoping – talk to and with everyone not running up to the next tree at three – that there will be more political action replacing this postmodern hose-speak and indifference. Lasts too long, already. Personally in Germany i’d be very happy if at least the main bashing words like “Gutmensch” and a lot of others would finally disappear and go to where they belong – some kind of dustbin for hatespeak-words^^.

  4. Bought a new motor home and an iRig MIDI to go with it (along with an iPad and my Axiom Pro), so lots of music from the road!

  5. Audiogeek says:

    My destination is very much like yours, Varosound! It’s amazing how many audio engineers that I meet are also into photography. We love to use our ears and our eyes!
    Wishing everyone here all the best in 2012,

  6. New albums, one on the jazz side, another on the rock side… maybe starting to learn how to draw and paint if I have the time.

  7. Christoph says:

    Spending/wasting less time at the net and less money on new equipment, doing more useful things instead: Finishing a new album, making more music and art related things, concentrating better on work/jobs and family… and eat some pizzas with you from time to time ;).

  8. God bless you, good man! 🙂 I love your plugins very much and I wish you good luck and success.
    As for me, in 2012 I plan to write and record some new music tracks and keep on learning vocals.
    If you don’t mind, I’ll show you the one of my first records in this year (in which I used Density mkII, Rescue AE and BootEQ mkII plugins):

  9. Want to build a small beach house by this year end…

  10. Dean Aka Nekro says:

    I have not got a clue, I really would like to have at least a partial answer to that one mind! No dobut shall end up writing, tracking and mixing the usual noisey heavy stuff in its various flavours (Be it other people’s, My own or collaberation, projects and bands i am involved with/member of…etc.) Hopefully less live sound/teching than last year (Although 2009 and 2010 were much more hectic in that respect). More upgrading in certain areas and new gear. One thing is a definate; Full time single parenting of my two wonderful children 24/7, 365 that i can be sure of 🙂 Maybe afford to take them on a good holiday again *There heaven, My hell but aslong as they are happy then so am i*

    All the best to all and hope that everyone has a good year come whatever may

  11. openplanrecording says:

    Off to India, Italy, and Croatia!! cant wait!…… And I am also working on a few new modded ribbon mics too!
    B.T.W I’m loving TheTrillseeker LA!! they really compliment ribbon mics in a blumlein pair room mic configuration!!! warm and phat mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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