announcing the “Thrillseeker” audio plug-in series

I’m bringing sexy back

The brand new and upcoming Variety of Sound Thrillseeker audio plug-ins series is going to be a plug-in collection premiering Stateful Saturation which is a sophisticated DSP core system for musical harmonic distortion generation based on authentic and truly stateful non-linear models.

Stateful Saturation takes advantage of some sought after analog qualities and preserves them accurately during their transfer right into the digital domain:

  • high frequency shimmer and sheen without digital harshness
  • depth and ‘3d’ imaging side effects before distortion itself becomes apparent
  • audio transient dynamics that remains vibrant and alive
  • natural and impressive bass response

Stateful Saturation opens the door for quite a number of amazing applications ranging from smooth harmonic exciters up to convincing amplifier effects and the DSP core can easily be set in context whether it’s a compressor output stage or a preamplifier circuit, just to name the two.

first encounter: ThrillseekerLA

Based on an opto-electric circuit model, Variety of Sound’s ThrillseekerLA will be an audio leveling amplifier with amazing analog like qualities. It offers sophisticated and deep gain riding full of musical character and attitude but with virtually no inter-modulation (IM) distortion artifacts!

Instead, it implements a convincing non-linear amplifier stage based upon an accurate stateful non-linear model. This way, harmonically related distortion products can be dialed in separately and to taste which enables sonic texturing and creamy signal coloration duties “on demand”. The processed audio stays alive and vibrant and the subtle detail in depth as well as the spatial image perception will be the icing on the cake.

ThrillseekerLA represents a stunning combination of way smooth and artifact free gain riding altogether with the weight and dimension one typically associates with a stellar analog audio signal path. ThrillseekerLA will be available as a VST plug-in for Windows compatible systems and is going to be released during the first quarter in 2012. Stay tuned on for more and detailed information which will be available soon.

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  1. I don’t understand half of the terminology you are using, but that sounds SWEET!
    (especially 3D 🙂
    Great job!

  2. Looking forward to check it!

  3. cant wait

  4. A new “series” of plugins? That’s just to good to be true!

  5. kingocounty says:

    Sounds great! Luckily for us, your generosity matches your skill.

  6. Really looking forward to this! Thanks bootsy

  7. Sounds to me, like Christmas is already coming again! 🙂

  8. This is going to be so sweet. Looking forward to it.


  10. YAY!

  11. oscardvine says:

    A great day for all mankind – I think this is a big step towards worldpeace ❤

  12. Please pass the tissues……….too much:))

  13. This is exciting news! Can’t wait!

  14. More to the catalogue guys, looking forward to seeing these.

    Hope there donate ware 🙂


  15. An impressive new way of managing dynamic, saturation, coloration…
    It is going to be even more impressive than FerricTDS (and it is very hard).

    For now, my fav combination is NebulaFree + FerricTDS (FerricTDS for dynamic management, Nebula for coloration, crosstalk,micro-dynamic…), but i feel it is going to change soon 😉

  16. Sounds good. Are you gonna use Synthmaker for this series or is it gonna be C++ coded? Just curious about 64bit versions.


  17. Yes! I’ve been using a different developer’s freeware LA plug in, but it’s not very stable and isn’t appropriate for everything. In light of how good your other plug ins sound, I’m REALLY looking forward to this new creation 🙂 How do you find time to imagine, research, and create all these plugs and still afford to eat and keep a roof over your head????

  18. Awesome work man! Your plugs are amazing. Looking forward to this!

  19. Audiogeek says:

    Made my day! Really excited about this !!! I’ll be looking for it to appear! WoW, this is good!

  20. OMG O_O

  21. Damn! I want it! 🙂

  22. Fabio 5corde says:

    You’re a Genius

  23. Any audio demos?

  24. AU

  25. oulala that’s huge but….free or not ?

  26. Please make it 64-bit too, I’d immediately burn all other plug-ins I used to use! Anyway, I’ll appreciate your work, simply wonderful.

  27. Mann Herbert 🙂
    Weihnachten ist doch gerade vorbei! Und jetzt fühle ich mich schon wieder wie kurz davor x-)
    Wenn du jemanden brauchst der mal drüberschaut / -hört sag bescheid 😉

    Greetings from the good old Ruhrgebiet

  28. the secret poet says:

    HAIL TO THE KING… VARIETY OF SOUND ! Long live the King ! I pledge my faithful use to your mighty plugins.

    * Where is your Paypal Donate Button ???

  29. this sounds AMAZING!!!!! very keen to hear an audio demo and see a beta GUI 🙂

    could this be the plugin that beats nebula to have the best analogue sound in VST? from how it is described it sounds like it could… very exciting 🙂

  30. wow really great news 😀 i can’t wait!

  31. ben logan says:

    Thank you Bootrick. Downloading now. Can’t wait to try it out. I use your stuff just as much as my UAD products, if not more. Thanks for bringing such fun into the world. Great partnership between you two! 🙂


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