Off Book: The Evolution of Music Online

As the 90s came to a close, the business of music began to change profoundly. New technology allowed artists to record and produce their own music and music videos, and the internet became a free-for-all distribution platform for musicians to promote themselves to audiences across the world. The result was an influx of artists onto the cultural scene, and audiences were left wondering how to sort through them all. In this episode we discuss these massive changes, and reveal how music blogs and websites have arisen as the new arbiters of quality.

(via kraftfuttermischwerk)



  1. Page (in german) is generally funny. Some pictures about coffee-cups (“Kaffee Kippe Komputer) and so on. Will watch the video tonight. It’s always interesting to learn about other opinions was the influx of bands onto the cultural scene really so exciting, or was the influence of cultural scenes onto artists a bit boring, and so on^^. Was there really more variety of sound, or just more too similar sounds, who knows^^. Variety would mean variety, but sometimes there is a bit too much style-blurb, meaning the contrary of variety (it ist uniformism to be cool^^). Well, let’s see tonight what they have to say^^

  2. …and never comment in a hurry^^. Some sorry for the typos, for example “it ist” should have been “meaning” or “it est” (slightly snob-speak^^) ;-)))). Cheeerio!

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