NAMM highlights?

The Arturia Minibrute

Videos after the jump…

If the controls are not cheap plastic and the sound delivers then this is definately the NAMM highlight for me. Whats yours?


  1. UAD Apollo

  2. I who thought had enough synths…

  3. I’m still in doubt between both mentioned.
    One trend though: Korg seems to have set a trend with the Monotron a few years ago.
    Everyone seems to be making analogue synths again…

  4. …Okay this looks RAD.

  5. Arturia MiniBrute, Waldorf Pulse2, BitWig…
    Maybe Akai’s Renaissance and their CV controller ?

  6. Oh ! And i forgot about the MFB DominionX !

  7. Also :
    – Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine (2 models included, one multitrack and one master)
    – Bitwig Studio (looks like Ableton Live 9 to me, can’t wait to test it and hear their proprietary time-straching algo/tool)
    – Waves NLS “Non Linear Summing” (featuring one channel and one master plugin, including SSL 4000G, Neve 5116, and EMI TG12345 Mk 4)

    Studio Devil also have a new preamp plugin featuring their second generation of valve-modeling technology, aimed at being used on everything from track to master bus.

  8. my highlight is the moog minotaur, because there i know what i get. maybe i check this synth out later or take a closer look at it at the musikmesse if its there too.

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