Check out “fuck yeah studio porn“!


  1. I think he needs some panels at the first reflection points there. You know, right in front of the LA-2A’s and 1176’s.

  2. Tell me about it …
    Just finished cabling that d**n room.
    Unfortunately, when I tried it out yesterday on that singer/songwriter with his ukulele, it didn’t sound like the five dead mice at all, even with all units patched in except for the 2nd LA2A which sounds too vintage, I need more power.
    To add insult to injury, there was a slight, intermittent crackle in the left channel, so I might have to do a complete rewire…
    Wish me luck, I’ll report back next year.

  3. My favorite is the dedicated video-cassette rewinder.

  4. Ouch… it hurts my eyes….

  5. Nightmare! Half the patch bay won’t work without crackling, the desk will have one or two channel strips that are no good, you’ll have a mysterious hum loop, air traffic control will break through the monitoring and the power supply on the hardest to remove rack mount processor will blow up in a puff of smoke. No thanks 😀

  6. Dean Aka Nekro says:

    l am tired of people posting pictures of my humble little home kave studio’s control room. Besides it has changed quite alot since that picture was taken. At least keep it up to date!

  7. Ahhhh….A museum 🙂

  8. damn ! now i really envy for real …

  9. My nipples explode with delight! I’ll bet there’s an old MCI machine Or Ampex just out of view. It looks like some of the places I used to work at back in the day. (When mammoths roamed the Earth…) We used to have to run the a/c at full capacity just to keep from sweating to death, but man it was fun! Great pic!

  10. I use pictures of consoles from big studios as my desktop image on the DAW computer. Then add some Slate VCC to emulate console sound. And hey, my little basement has turned into a worldclass studio for mixing. Guess, it is like the young kids playing video games and imagining being in another world.

    Just need some good tape emulation, like the Slate VCC emulation of consoles, to make it perfect. Not a saturation thing, just an emulation of simple recording to tape. I would love to see Bootsy do that.

    • Try FerricTDS on busses, mostly left side dynamics with a tiny bit of right side saturaion mixed in, voila, very authentic tape sim imho.
      Beats the UA Fatso for realism in 8 out of 10 cases for me, Fatso shines as a more obvious character effect, at least for me.
      I’m after subtle tape compression and glue however, like we had in the old days, not necessarily after another kind of trendy lo-fi fuzzbox.
      ymmv …

  11. pff… only one jomeek compressor… looser… :))))))))))


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