frozen (almost)


After some days of severe cold the water in front of my house got almost frozen even upfront the barrage.


  1. So you stay home, that means more coding 🙂
    Good for us 🙂

  2. Same here !
    Brrr, chill chill

  3. Uh, what’s a barrage? Something like a garage, I suppose?

  4. klemperer85 says:

    After the guys before us forgot to let the water out of the water pipes before they left (was 30°+ in October then, a damn high temperature for the heights of Bavaria^^) – water REALLY froze here^^. Brrr. We have to get it running again, but well, living like ages ago is not too bad too. And the lake outside (550m) who, as an old man told me here, was frozen nearly every year once, is frozen again for the first time! So it’s like always these years. You listen to “chaos”-reports on the radio, as if life was an insurance (and funny it is, people of all ages talk like that, not the elderly only like it must have been 60 years ago^^, 20 year old too – crazy). Outside then you see only smiling, happy people around, playing ice hockey, skiing, biking, walking, dancing (the sounds if you jump on the ice are terrific, I had no mic with me^^, a great running booooott^^) on the lake. The sun shines, after those grey months. We got the kitchen water running again after hard work, and it’s superb here :). 9 weeks before it was all grey and much too mild for the season. Now it’s chilly cold for 10 days, yes. But today it’s going to be up with temperatures again. We had – 20°C at night, and soon it will be “normal winter weather”, with boring rain in the lower regions. Hope we still can “walk over the lake” (Wörthsee, nothing like Vänern or Baikalsee, but still a big one) for a few days in the evenings^^.
    And yes, we are happy that the water is not freezing again in our house^^. To take a shower we “throw warm water over us” taken from the kitchen – really, it’s fun (and cold, as we need the heating to get the water running again).
    You just have to switch the radio off, with all those guys who see 3 minutes of the cold daily blurbing. They jump from flat to car. From car to overheated bureau. And back in the evening. Yet they whine as if they’d be homeless people in the cold. Too funny. Well, I’m off, this time with a mini disc rec, maybe I can capture a bit of the sounds of the frozen lake. He he, hope it won’t break ,-)))))))

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