what makes a good party?

(via dangerousminds.net)


  1. Now we know how to do it…

  2. it seems they have fun at the end. That is what’s a party is about.
    at least not ending up in coma driniking .)
    really cute …

  3. ThrillseekerLA release party 😉 ?!

  4. Are you watching carefully and taking notes Keith Richards?

  5. klemperer85 says:

    It’s fun to have – for a few weeks – 3-5kb/sec Internet again (deepest Bavaria, house with no telephone^^) – and guess what the fun will be just from this one picture here^^

  6. 01:33:
    “the main idea is to introduce speed to the gay”?

  7. This is in fact a public domain film from the Prelinger archive at http://www.archive.org/details/prelinger

    There are a lot of this US education films. For example the old film “How to build a telephone” from the Handy Incorporation (yes, “Handy”, even as there weren’t mobiles at that time).

    Today this education party would be called “Slow Motion Party” or so… 🙂 Maybe we can make some retro trend from this video… 🙂

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