discontinued: “nasty signal coloring fx series”

As mentioned already in 2010, the “nasty signal coloring fx series” audio plug-in series had become legacy and as of today it will be no longer available anymore. That was my very first plug-in series and a great lerning experience but I have to move on.



  1. Will I have to delete them from my HD too? Or will you do? 😉

    Btw Pizza? 😀

  2. Somehow sad news. I liked those, used in several projects with good results.

  3. Kyle McComb says:

    Awww, those were great though. Use them a lot actually, especially Tabletop, it’s great.

  4. Yep I’ll agree, tableTOP is still great. I actually have it available in my mastering chain, for when a more “compressive” tube sound is required.

  5. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  6. Change is the only constant in the Universe.
    Move on and let us see and hear the results 😀

  7. I agree, sad news. I still like them a lot. What’s wrong with keeping them available for download?

  8. Yeah i dont understand why keeping these wonders out of the reach of anybody. Does this means the new thrillseeker sounds so good the nasty series is somehow embarassing?? I cant imagine that in any possible way 🙂

  9. You did that earlier for another plugin (of which I don’t remember the name) and when I reinstalled my system I was lucky to find a copy of that plugin on my backup.

    Because sometimes, you need to open an older project with those old plugins …

  10. Synthiemental says:

    a lot of great plugins were in there: Nasty LF/HF for example. And wasnt the NEVE-esque EQ NASTY.VC (not VCS) in there aswell? I can assure you that these are plugins that actually are still being used by people! Would be great if they were still available- what do the other folks think?

  11. Hah, I can see right through your clever schemes:

    I’ll bet your plan is to take them off of your download pages so that they’ll now become RARE, VINTAGE plugins and therefore 10x more desirable. The lucky few that have the *original* copies (those downloaded before 2/15/12) will be crowing about the unmistakable *vintage* Nasty sound. Lord knows how much those rare ones will go for on Ebay?! Anytime you need a little extra cash, then a few extra copies will mysteriously show up for auction. Minimum bid: $2000. Average final bid: $10,000!!!

    But before you know it, cheap, counterfeit knock offs will be flooding the market and then what will you do, eh? I suppose you think you’ll just be able to design and code new plug ins that will sound even better, don’t you. Go ahead, prove it, I dare you!*

    *Programmers are known to fall for this type of psychological trickery

  12. Why not have a “Discontinued” section somewhere here..?

  13. So what’s taken it’s place? Is there a better Virtual Summing device? Are there any virtual summing devices anywhere?

  14. Nasty TableTop – still a favorite!

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