Dynamic Range Day

What is the Dynamic Range Day ?

The “Loudness War” is built on the idea that “louder is better”. However this concept is fatally flawed. The goal of Dynamic Range Day is to reveal this flaw and spread an alternative message: Dynamic music sounds better!

You don’t need to compete in the “Loudness War”. In fact in the 21st Century your music can gain a competitive advantage – not by being “louder”, but more dynamic.

Read more about it:


  1. I´m with you … we don´t need a Loudness War we need Dynamic Peace

    Again … Great Audiotools … Love

  2. Yes! We need a disarmament! The music is in the dynamic range. When you squeeze the Dynamic Range too much, there is too less space for the music! As simple as that!

    You can support the work of this great site about Dynamic Range and get a free DR meter here. Its great!: http://www.pleasurizemusic.com/

  3. Hi,

    I’m abit late to celebrate the day :D. But I’ll voice something as listener.

    I listen at quite low level and that “causes” 2 problems.

    1. It is difficult or impossible to adjust volume. Winamp volume control is typically at 1-8%. Sometimes I get the problem familiar from TV volume control. 4 knob is too silent and 5 is too loud :D.

    2. The music sounds like shit at these low volumes. Some even so unbearable to the point that I’ve had to delete nicely composed album that would even sound good without limiter on master track.

    Would be cool if I could put the volume controller to somewhere like 20-25% one day :D.

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