What, me experienced?




  1. That is AWESOME!!

  2. it looks like SOMEONE slept with the chickens…

    JH: well, i slept with some CHICKS anyway

  3. martinthin says:

    “Excuse me, while I de-frizz this guy!”

  4. “Rainy Day, another crazy hair day…”

    Fabulous photo. Thanks!

    BTW, I’m old enough (!) and was fortunate enough to have seen Jimi play with the Experience at the Fillmore East in 1968 – I can still hear some that playing in my memory. 40 years after his death, I still can’t see a picture of Jimi without simultaneously feeling the joy and inspiration of his music and that wrenching in my heart that he was gone so quickly. Staggering to realize that the multi-dimensional genius of his whole career as we know it spanned only 4 years.

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