Musikmesse 2012 Report

So. where has been the innovation?



  1. susiwong says:

    so it really was as forgettable as it appeared online ?
    last year looked similar, but you came back with some nice gear reports …
    Not for me, I’m set, but the only cool gizmos I noticed were the Apollo and the new Madiface.
    Nothing else ?

    • Did you visit springbeats stand ? I think we were kind of innovative ….

      • susiwong says:

        I said “online” since I couldn’t be there in person.
        Just checked your website, only found marketing, no product info, sorry.
        Haven’t got the time to test anything just because it’s new.
        A website has to convince me the product does something useful I can’t already do, or it can do a certain job better …
        Then I’ll test it and eventually buy it – or not.
        No offense meant – after all I still don’t know anything about the product. :shrug:

        • Oh susiwong, I’m so sorry, I meant to reply to the news, not to your comment ! Our website is a shame, people shouldn’t be allowed to make such websites 😉 . Of course, we just did the minimum, mandatory, marketting blabla. At the musikmesse, we did a presentation of the product itself…well of the “alpha version” of it, and most visitors said that it was very innovative and we had a lot of positive feedback :D, despite they understood very well it was very far from being finished ! So, my comment was by no means against you – or, by the way, against anyone. We will be a lot more advanced this summer , when we plan to release the beta, which by the way, will be free, so no need to wonder yet whether you’ll buy it or not 😉

          • Sounds good to me.
            Didn’t want to put you down in any way, nor your future product.
            Maybe a rough “preliminary specs” page with one or two screenies to keep people interested ?
            It’s so easy for a serious new product to get lost among all the internet hype and BS …
            Good luck and success ! 🙂

  2. The inovation started years ago ,when the childs tested the Beatles , in a ring modulator .
    Later, they wonder :-How can this sound, with an heterodine mixing….o, what is going to happen if the tone, modulate the envelope o viscerversa ?
    How will sound Eric Clapton modulating Hendrix .?

    They did not like it ….those experiments , sound like robots ,o ring tones .
    The last ones are not an option never !

    After years ,i have a secret information ,those “”children”” ,now ingenieurs, did find a
    technological singularity ,betwen the uncountable ways ,wawes can interact with themselfs .
    Music is transformed into a new listening experience .
    Superimpousing new musical structures onto existing music, by turning special mathematical integer sequences into new musical forms .All very naturally .
    Nothing to do with Generative arts .Those they sound like electronic music . Are not an option then .

    We shall listen ,very soon, what was only a vision so many years ago .

    The reality superate the fiction .
    Only evolution .
    Sound design …keep being every day more fascinating,intriguing than ever .

  3. audiophoria says:

    After all of these years, I can’t say that I’m really in love with any of the DAWs that I’ve used through the years, so I’m always interested to see innovations…

    Are there any videos of what you presented at your booth at Musicmesse?
    Do have an approx date for when the beta might be available?

  4. I know, it was all a misunderstanding 🙂 You’re right, we will probably create a nice product/features page, once we’ve completed the beta version. Now it’s time for good old C++ code. It’s very easy for a new product to get forgotten, and it’s even easier if the product doesn’t exist 😀

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