what I’m currently working on – Vol. 7

Updates, basically. I’m still struggling with a preFIX update due to some technical issues I just can’t get, errrm, fixed (some VST hosts still do not respond to reported delay changes). Well, lets see how many month or years this will gonna take to work around or maybe then those hosts are just obsolete 😉 At least, I’m pretty much sure that we will see two other updates here during Q2: First, there will be a smaller update for the BaxterEQ where small  is indeed the proper wording because it’s mainly about an additional but just smaller GUI version.

A much more comprehensive update (in fact a mk2 version) is also in the making for yet another VoS plug-in. That one will feature a whole technical redesign based on my recent stateful saturation developments which premiered already earlier this year with the release of the ThrillseekerLA leveling amplifier. Adopting that approach to quite some different tasks performs very well so far and always delivers that special extra on top which otherwise is missing in all those plain digital implementations. Or, as someone just mentioned in a forum: Instant analog console magic. So, one might expect something in that direction, but hey, lets see.

Following the Blog through Q2, one might also obtain a glimpse on some other exciting stuff which currently resides behind closed doors of the R&D department and might appear somewhere after the summer break this year, seeking for the thrill again …



  1. “there will be a smaller update for the BaxterEQ where small is indeed the proper wording because it’s mainly about an additional but just smaller GUI version”

    Thank god. It is absolutely ridiculous that 8 bands of EQ takes up half of my entire screen. 8 *really good-sounding* bands of EQ, but I like being able to have more than 2 plugin UIs open at the same time. Can we have an update like this for all of your plugins?

  2. I’m looking forward to whatever you’ll come up with. 🙂

  3. Talking about updates, one feature i’d like to see coming one day in EpicVerb is the ability to “lock” the dry/wet knob in a given position while browsing the presets. When you use it as an insert, it is a time killer having to re-set your dry/wet settings each time you browse through the presets. Valhalla room features this, and it is excellent for the workflow 😉
    If technically-wise it is not possible, maybe that a aux/send switch would do the trick ? (one switching the plugin to 100% wet operation)
    Thank you in advance for taking such a request into consideration 😉

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