Beautiful Tech: Roland RE 201 Space Echo

[vimeo w=660&h=495]

An ode to/rant about arguably one of the most musical pieces of outboard gear you could own: the Roland RE201 Space Echo.

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  1. LEGENDARYdarydarydarydarydarydaryryryryryry

  2. BuzzaB77 says:

    UAD did an awesome job on their plug of this I must say

  3. Your Nasty DLA is awesome too 😉

    • I have it in my studio. It’s one of best pieces of gear I have.
      It’s certain sound, complexity and sometimes unpredictable behavior is amazing.
      I simply love Roland RE-201 Space Echo.

  4. i have big hopes the new version of Nasty DLA is going to be even closer to this sound 🙂 I think the old version is still the best sounding plugin for analogue delay, but still it does not have the ‘dimension’ or ‘3d’ sound of real hardware… yet!

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