NastyDLA mkII version released

NastyDLA mkII – A classic chorus echo device with tape-delay simulation

  • classic chorus and echo effects
  • authentic signal path coloration
  • tape-delay style feedback and saturation

The mkII version of this plug-in is  an overall technical redesign and features “stateful saturation” algorithms for an improved sound experience and changes several things under the hood. Basically, NastyDLA mkII  remains feature wise the very same but introduces the input stage modelled by this new and exciting technology and also redesigns the tape compression algorithm for an improved IM distortion performance. In general, the distortion generation appears to be more analog like and the perception of width and depth has been improved significantly.


  • The behaviour of the input stage has been changed. It acts output level compensated now and only is active if the SAT switch is engaged. It is modeled based upon a stateful saturation algorithm which sound wise turns in to a way better distortion performance as well as a more “3d” sound perception.
  • The tape compressor has been improved for a better IM distortion performance and a less muddy sound.
  • The level of noise which can be dialed in has been altered. The level itself is corrected and by moving the according knob to the left-most position the noise can be switched off.

The .dll name and the VST plug-in ID has been changed and so both, old and new version, can be used in parallel in any case. Nevertheless, the mkII version remains preset compatible with version 1.x so one can transfer presets between them in both directions.

NastyDLA mkII  is a Windows x32 freeware release for VST compatible applications and you can grab your copy via the download page.

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  1. travelmusicstuff says:

    I’ll take one

    = ]

  2. Must have! Please, please may i download one???? 🙂

  3. Bravo! thanks!Thanks! thanks! your plugins are among the best!

  4. Thanks for the improvements! Now it’s less nasty… 🙂

  5. Nice. Thanks Bootsie.
    Downloading now..

  6. Thank You very much! NastyDLA is one of my favorites (possibly the most used VOS plugins)
    Although MKII uses a tiny bit more CPU, it does feel smoother and lovely sounding from 1st impressions.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Presets transferable between versions… and both can be used in parallel? SWEET! Three thumbs up…er wait…Two, yup two thumbs up! Yeah, Bootsie!

  8. slitrioj says:

    Alter Vater! Das Delay ist aber mächtig gut!

  9. Thanks for this one!
    p.s. Your plugins are another one reason me staying on Windows.

  10. Very cool!!!

  11. you, sir, are the king. your stateful saturation stuff has literally transformed my sound.

    thank you

  12. fishman17 says:

    Thank you!

  13. I have no words to describe you work(s) … awesome

  14. Rickard Gerthsson says:

    Thank you so much fpr this one and the rest of your plugins. They are much appreciated. It is not a big issue but are you planning x64 version of your plugins?

    • Please! I’d be so glad about it, and would donate some more for it … Of course I’ll donate anyways, it’s not about the money – it’s just that I’d like to use your plugins exclusively for our studio, which is x64 based.

  15. klcbsoft says:

    Thanks a million for your incredible work (and plugins)!

  16. audiophoria says:

    Thank you Bootsy, for once again helping us make better sounding music by giving us awesome tools, educating us and showing us such a generous and community minded way of going about it. You’re the man. Spelled m. a. n.

  17. very nice, I wonder if a couple of improvements could be incorporated:
    1) I find the text difficult to see for my eyes under the large central ‘type’ selection knob (ping pong, dual mono etc)
    Also if there was a control for the amount of ducking that would be fantastic! I would like to apply lots of ducking in some songs and only hear the echo when the singer stops, that would be the bomb for me.
    Apart from those 2 observations, its brilliant, thank you guys.

  18. This is one hell of a “beautifiser” plugin! 🙂 Like… “it doesn’t sound good – let’s put NastyDLA on it” LOL Thank you Bootsie for such wonderful plugins, all of them, and especially this one. Brilliant work.

  19. i find this to be a huge improvement to the first NastyDLA. It “feels” better to use. The sound is much more “3d”. What I really love about this plugin in general is that you can dial in colours. I’ve actually “modelled” the behaviour of some of my real hardware tape delays as presets and it’s nice to have that vibe on the road in my laptop.

  20. thank you so much!! this is a huge upgrade in sound quality, by far the best VST analogue style delay. blows the competition away. it sounds so somehow ‘clean’ yet also dirty… wow. maybe i can sell my memoryman deluxe, further testing required 🙂

    i have tried using it as a tape emulator with no delay/100% wet. i think it could sound incredible for lo-fi tape compression and distortion, BUT the only thing is you can’t escape from the ‘inverted smile’ EQ of the plugin. this is cool for some stuff, but if you could turn off this EQ then the plugin would double up as an amazing straight tape sim too!!! maybe that job is going to be addressed in an updated ferricTDS instead?

    the new compression algorithms in ThrillerLA and NastyDLA mkII sound amazing, so clean, huge advance i think.

  21. Hi!,
    Anyone got problems with the noise knob? I’m not hearing any of it 😦 (previous version was ok),

  22. I use NastyDLA mkII often. I’ve compared it to many other delays and it’s one of the best. Free or commercial. Great job!


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