so, do you like it?

Just a little “happy birthday” to VOS after one year of presence on facebook.



  1. Jay Key says:

    Happy B-Day !!!

  2. happy facebook anniversary!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!

  4. AUDIO GEEK says:


  5. Happy Birthday Mr. Genius!!!

  6. thank you and happy bday 😉 VOS Forever !

  7. audiophoria says:

    Ah, congrats and Happy FB birth-aversary! Happens to my own bio birth-aversary today, too.

    I was starting to get a bit bummed about the fact that the number of times that I’ve seen this day of the year come around, is now getting to the point where I’ll mumble and change the subject when I’m asked about it, but just as quickly smacked myself upside the head when I realized what the alternative would be ;-P!

  8. Thanks for everything! Happy Bday.

  9. Happy anniversary from me, too!

  10. Happy happy happy! All the best.
    A quick question; will you also update the RescueAE (by far my favorite and most used VOS plugin) with new (S.S.) algorithms?
    cheers 🙂

  11. Happy facebook birthday !
    Best wishes for years to come 😀

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