Influences: Steve Reich



  1. david b says:

    Saw him live in Stanford year ago with “so precissve” program. absolutely amazing.

  2. Awesome. Thanks for the link.

  3. Genial,desencadenant,unique,awesome,absolutely amazing .
    The last year in YouTube I saw something similar .
    I find the experience useful only for Nacional Geografic ,,and antropology students
    I have a virtual synthesizer who produce all that and more with one movement over the keyboard.

  4. I had an old LP (this blog is going to be, for me personal, the “which records I lost do I miss^^”) of “music for 18 musicians”. Now I know the story behind it and other music of Reich. Superb, another great find!

  5. Prolo_Delarcont says:

    Useless coment : wtf with the sound ? I can’t bear watching great interviews – specially of musicians – being spoiled by a lame sound recording.

  6. Good point of view! Thanks for sharing!

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