quote of the day

We are all part of a tradition, at least we depend on the past. – Klaus Schulze



  1. klemperer85 says:

    A friend of mine ran a local german radio station (well, the always-dissed “prog Rock” and other areas^^. I never understood why, for example, german bavarian radio “Zündfunk” hated that genre that much – why not simply ignore it in that case? It was the craze to diss prog.).
    Anyway, he interviewed Klaus Schulze one or two times and was all happy about it.
    I got a few of his older LPs about 15 years ago (recordings from early electronic times, around 1972 or whatever, monsters of synths appeared live on stage^^; he and Tangerine dream were famous then) – and Schulze must still be a kind of hero for some – at least someone stole my Schulze-records ;-)).

  2. man, very bad mic placement. welcome to his throat people.

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