Roland System 100m



  1. i will always associate the System 100m with Isao Tomita, no electronic music has ever sounded as good as Tomita’s late 70’s albums ever again. Boards of Canada came close, but no biscuit 🙂

  2. Of course i remember them .
    To work with wawes ..nothing almost so important in cience .
    That ,is for to make music ?
    O to make a ciencie fiction film ?
    Is for eventually produce antigravity with subsonic frecuenties ? like reported for Blavatsky in Tibet?
    Is an sculpture ?
    O a present for my 3 years old child ?
    Is very beautiful ..

  3. The bassline of “Big in Japan” (Alphaville) was made on one of these…

  4. I got to try modulars (or semi ones) synths.
    Love cable patching spirit 😀

  5. Hi
    Can someone tell me where to find a moogerfooger stand like the one in the photo?

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