great use of field recording



  1. That’s an example of a really huge natural reverb. Real “industrial” reverb.

  2. If only I had the means to do this kind of thing all of the time. Imagine having a reverb tank that large in your back yard. Awesome. Bringing audio recording back to the science/art.

  3. Andrew J says:

    That’s actually kind of exciting!

  4. I’ve seen a short movie about making an album of one italian band. So they recorded vocals, some acoustic instruments in the little streets and big square in Rome or Venice as I remember.

  5. MrMagneto says:

    Actually I remember a website where you could upload an audio file and it was automatically played through a huge Water-Tower somewhere in Germany (I wish I could remember where) and recorded on the other side and uploaded again. The result was a great long natural remote reverb. 🙂

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