tasty meal preparations with Density mkIII

Since precise routing and stuff like that is not taken down into the cookbook as of now, here are some exciting tips and tricks to experiment with and maybe to obtain a different approach to cook audio with Density mkIII.


As a starter just use the default preset and dial in huge amounts of compression right with the DRIVE knob. Now mix this back to the dry signal by using the DRY:WET option to obtain a thick sounding result (New York style compression). Since the COLOR option ignores any DRY:WET settings one can dial it in afterwards to thicken the soup even further. Hmm, tasty!

Second course

Set DRY:WET back to a 100% wet signal but also pull RANGE back to the left so that there will be no gain reduction anymore. There is no compression anymore now but one can still use the MAKEUP knob to drive the gain of the non-linear circuits. Use this and experience a hot (driven) meal.

Main course

By finishing the second course, you not only have a sophisticated non-linear amplifier now where you can dial in the coloration with the COLOR knob to taste. You also can use this in M/S mode to adjust the stereo imaging in a quite unique fashion just by adjusting the amounts of saturation per channel right with the MAKEUP knobs. Omph, I’m feelin so wide now!


Just dial in again some amounts of compression by turning RANGE clockwise, maybe full to the right but RELAX the attack times so that some transients can pass. Those will be eaten now by the non-linear amplifier as an added sugar.

Espresso, anyone?


  1. What a tasteful guide, I’m feeling hungry!

  2. LOL.. nice explanation… 🙂

  3. neilwilkes says:

    What a superb way of wording things – top marks.
    Time to go cooking later, methinks

  4. Sounds as good as it tastes! Thanks very much for this tasty guide!

  5. That’s great, I am so hungry (and it is so hot’n wet outside, coming home wet and feeling like you’d consist of 100% water – before I thought there was this straw in my head! – nothing better like a good recipe. And yes, Espresso, a little addition, next time^^)

  6. Yeah yeah yeah! Now I know that my approach to this compressor is “Second course” and the “Main course”. I don’t like “dessert” at all. I like how this compressor sounds when it doesn’t compress (GR meter indicators show nothing, less than 1 dB GR, I suppose) but the saturation stage is great!

  7. *burp*

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