Myspace redesign introduced

[vimeo w=660&h=495]

In the teaser theay are showing an indeed compelling design and layout. But will that be enough to have a second chance? What do you think? Will you give it a try?




  1. Woah! It’s super cool! I think their comeback will depend a lot on how good their support for mobile is.

  2. The layout looks fresh and usable, kind of reminds me of win8 approach mixed with the adobe cs6 dark gui. But I never had a myspace account, and I don’t plan to create one right away, i’ll wait for the user feedback.

  3. Maybe,Not a lot and probably not.
    Just my opinion.

  4. Nope!
    Too busy making music to have a go to another site … :p

  5. It may bring back some Myspace users from before, but I’d be surprised to see it rise above that. I may tinker with a “band page” there though, as I’ve never been thrilled with facebook for that.

  6. I know it´s OT but I wan´t to share this but don´t know how else I could place it … sorry

  7. I think they are just late.They could have reacted way before, but didn’t because they were not on the edge.Now they are…and i just want (like a lot of ppl) to wait and see what happen.But not move before something happen, good or bad.
    If they reacted before, ppl would have been more involved.But as they send an “we don’t care about users” message and kept their outdated design for years…

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