DC2012: last chance to vote – just a few days left!

If you did not yet voted for me at the KVR Developer Challenge – please do so! It’s really little effort even if you are not registered there yet.

The important links / steps:

Thanks in advance!



  1. Dear Herbert,
    my 5 is yours.
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks! After voting for the contests before, I am slightly shy these days to go to KVR (not only because of the many troll-threads, and people who are banned start to glow so you can see them from a 7500 miles’ distance ;-)))). I simply bought more than I needed, as the devs were all so friendly ;-))). So I voted. I would bet, if people really scroll up and down and read everything, you’ll win. There are other interesting entries, but you’ll win.
    I am not so sure why sample-based stuff like from magazines is in the competition, though. The idea was in the past to give devs a place who build new, interesting things…

  3. Did it a long time ago . 🙂 . All the best.

  4. You got my +5 man !

  5. 5 from me. I meant to give them all a spin but it’s been crazy lately, so I just voted on “coolness of idea”.

  6. Great plugins + continued development… Of course you get a 5!

    I think that’s the biggest gap between free and paid. There are a lot of buggy but awesome freewares out there, but you continually update and refine your plugs! (In addition to generally sounding the best) 😉

  7. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    5 points here too.

  8. For this brilliant plug in an absolute 5 from me as well!

  9. My five points are already in the “basket”. Good luck!

  10. Already voted, thanks and good luck! 🙂

  11. You got 5 from me!

  12. voted!
    By the way, right now I’m recommending your plugins to an apple fan friend of mine, who’d installed windows via bootcamp to play a certain game… other than that, he’s a sound professional who rejects everything non-mac. But if I were him, I would ditch mac just to be able to use your stuff. I said him: these plugs have an infine amout of bang ber buck :)))

  13. And the winner is?… VOS again…Congratulations!
    It´s amazing that so many people seem to recognize the quality and value of your plugins. If the same was true in the music industry the top then of the charts could be a much more interesting place. Cheers and thanks again for all the great gifts you are giving away so freely to us.

  14. congrats, herbert… but guess what – i knew it, as you deserved it… 🙂

  15. My favorite won, congrats Herbert!

  16. Who else ? 😉
    Congratulations to both of you !
    You probably won for the fantastic ThrillseekerXTC as well as for your long standing history of bringing world class FX within reach of absolutely everybody from bedroom to pro studio, meanwhile you can be proud of a wide range of successes, making it possible to mix a complete project with your plugins exclusively.
    And take it from somebody using many commercial state-of-the-art FX, native as well as DSP – your creations can hold their own favourably against anything on the market.
    My sincere thanks for your generosity and constant dedication to quality ! 🙂

  17. Congratulations!!!! 🙂 ThrillseekerXTC is the winner


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