what’s your go-to FSU device?

Whether being hardware or software, what’s your current go-to device to foul all kind of sound sources up beyond all repair?


  1. There is an utterly insane pluggie called Guitar Malfunction by RunBeerRun that mangles everything to death. DestroyFX has classic manglers: Buffer Delay is an old favorite. Geometer is addictive and is like a video game for sound destruction. Melda Waveshaper is great for pre-distorting stuff before mellowing with a phaser or filter. Your VoS NastyDLA creates fabulous walls of noise when feedback is pushed all the way.

    For Hardware, amping anything through cheap mini guitar amps does the trick. I broke two Danelectro “Honey Tone” miniamps because they sounded too good using the wrong power supply. It was worth it.

  2. what?

  3. I personally use a circuit-bent Steampunk Buddha Machine – pics and sound samples of drumloop destruction here 😉

  4. Johnny Wishoff says:

    Glitch, Artillery and effectrix.

  5. mine is the image line’s harmor. F the S U with granules! 🙂 not an effect but synth, though.

  6. Audio Damage plugs: Kombinat Dva, Replicant, the coming soon Bitcom looks to be another FSU contender.

  7. Personally I’m a fan of slicing up the sound file and reordering it “manually” then processing it like normal, but sometimes that isn’t enough. In those cases I tend to turn to shattershot, shattersync, glitch, truc, and bufferoverride.

  8. Highvoltage says:

    Shure M267 microphone mixer. Has transformer love in and out. And features a levelloc style limiter. Nothing subtel about that machine.

    Also an old Mackie 1202, send channel fed back to another channel on itself, for double preamp love, and feedback if wanted.

    Also Deltalab Effectron. Its a very early digital delay, with some esoteric A/D conversion, that fux the sound into lofi smile if you turn down the delay. Also it the delay feedback path somehow creeps itself into to the input limiter op-amp distortion, so you can further shape the destruction.

  9. Hard to tell…
    GlitchFX, the oldmighty DFX Buffer Override, AtlantisFX, AD Automaton, and mostly custom FX chains…

  10. DtBlkFx, Jack Dark Darkware plugins (they are all insane), CrazyIvan, Shattersync….
    Oh, there are so many.

    Here are a bunch of them:

  11. As insert in Ableton:
    Ring Mod + Delay + Reverb = FSU with plenty of ‘melody’ left intact

  12. Argotlunar, Atlantis FX, NastyDLA, dBlue Glitch…

  13. Nasty DLA and Camel Space

  14. depends on the source material, so I guess anything and everything?

  15. BaxterEQ 😛

    Seriously though, it’s hard to go past Crazy Ivan or ReFX Trasher II

  16. Aradaz Apms, also I use freeware Kuassa Amp from same developer’s commercial line + Tal Tube + Tul Dub II or I, and hmm + epicVerb + Rescue. Yes… my stuff sounds like hell 😀

  17. Ever tried to overload the input of your old Tascam 424 and record it onto tape? Loving it 🙂 Besides that, chopping it up manually and/or playing with my Lexicon LXPs pitch shift and delay algos really does some harm to my sounds 😀

  18. Permut8 & Guitar Rig.

  19. elektrik_ciko says:

    Sonalksis Digital Grimebox

  20. Turnado, Kore with Deep Freq/Transitions, Permut8

  21. A combinatoin between Soundtoys and MeldaProduction: Speed, FilterFreak, Tremolator, Crystallizer, MMultiBandWaveShaper, MMultiBandDistortion, MMultiBandConvolution and the brilliant Melda EQ shaping tools

  22. DestroyFX of yore like another before here suggested. Well you know about your own plugins^^. “Beyond repair” is often this way: cheap minidisc-recorder (as I can’t afford a better field recorder right now), dealt with in various ways in good old soundforge. After combining dozens of tracks, reversed and pitchshifted (it’s not quality what matters here, otherwise my best option is Reaper’s elastique) I use the plugins, your ones, destroyFX, db-audioware QuantumFX2.5, blow audio through synths that allow audio in, use files created the way above stacked with more synths in Reaper or whatever allows multiple synths. And so on^^. It’s fun.

  23. Eventide H910 on send + feedback on return channel

  24. Quackow the 3rd says:

    I will be using the upcoming BUY (BootsyUpYours) plugin from Variety of Sound, once it is released.

    Please say you’re asking this question because you contemplating creating the ultimate FSU plugin 😉

  25. bounce to scrumpled up cassette tape.

  26. Audio Geek says:

    Camel Crusher… fantastic (especially on percussion and loops!) Meaning to try Glitch but have not done so yet.

  27. Although I do like Sugarbytes’ Turnado and Artillery, I’m much more into hardware.
    Alesis “bitrman” (A small modFX unit), Boss VT-1 Voice Transformer (great for guitars and other monophonic sources), Sony HR-MP5 (spacy!) and the built-in FX of my Roland SP-404 sampler. Ah yes, and my trusty Nord Modular of course, when I want to go really weird. All these have a powerful, gritty yet “organic” feel and when I slightly turn a knob, there’s really something happening. I miss that with most VST’s that rarely offer much more than SR decimation, RingMod/FM, bit reduction, LP/HP/BP/BR filtering and plain overdrive. They don’t really sound “organic” most of the time, although there sure are a few exceptions.

  28. Bootsy, most of the coolest devices are like sugarbytes stuff or soundtoys
    type things etc. The trick is making something that is able to control stacks of effects chains (custom
    and presets)have them sync with your song/bpm and control them by applying them like an instrument (through a keyboard interface
    or tapping pads etc.)…controlling the filters or the envelopes on the various effects can also
    be played superimposed like different chords inversions (controlling different wet/dry parameters
    etc.) ‘arpeggios’ then can ‘play’ the different modulations of these effect chains.

    in short-playing effects racks as if they were instruments
    this is like a mixer is a modern day ‘conductor’ of the orchestra, where he is conducting an orchestra
    of effect processors.

  29. SugarBytes Effectrix, TwistedTools BuffEater (Reaktor), iZotope StutterEdit.

  30. Reaktor has lots of funny devices which i use since years. May you need a idea for some new stuff, a broken tape / tapemachine fx would be cool. Im thinking of stuff to spool, damage sound like a tape jammed into a old walkman, distorted tape which glitches in a nice analog creative way. unlike all the other buffer fxs which are on the mraket.

  31. DtBlkFx is my favorite, because it can do things no one else do.And it is near 5 years old…That is the charm of FSU plugins : most of them are freeware or cheap 😉

  32. dBlue Glitch, E-Phonic Lo-Fi, Metal Mickey

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