oops, I did it again …

There was a clear overall winner this year, with almost twice as many points as the second placed entry. It was ThrillseekerXTC, a contemporary exciter built around a true parallel analog style equalizer design, by Variety Of Sound who wins 30% of the prize fund as the top Windows entry. Variety Of Sound actually won the last DC back in 2009 with FerricTDS – Tape Dynamics Simulator.

Thank you so much!!!



  1. Audio Geek says:

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! YOU DESERVE IT! and THANK YOU FOR THRILLSEEKER XTC, I’m using it on many mixes and love it. I voted for you… all the way, baby! YOU RULE !!! LOTS OF LOVE, Peace

  2. Congratulations mate!

  3. Major, major props for winning the KVR contest with ThrillseekerXTC! Totally deserved. Voting for ThrillseekerXTC was the least I could do to thank you for such great audio gifts.

  4. Congrats Bootsy! Thanks again for Thrillseeker XTC. :]

  5. Ulli Hoffmann says:

    Congratulations Herbert.
    Thrillseeker XTC ist an awesome weapon for every mixing and mastering situation.
    Best wishes from Germany.


  6. Well deserved. A sublime piece of code.

  7. Alex Nekita says:

    We are all behind you Herbert!

  8. Congratulations. Indeed very deserved and was also my no.1 vote at KVR DC. Since release XTC sits on every channel in my arrangements. Your plugs makes me not to look at pricy alternatives, so makes my wife happy too! And when my wife is happy… 😉

  9. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    Of course you win !!! What a plugin !! Congratulations !

  10. Well done on the inevitable, none the less well deserved with XTC along with all the other great releases you have. There was some great offerings this time round a few keepers in the submissions, see where they all end up 🙂

  11. Congratulation !!

  12. Because you continu to do everything for free, this is the only way to give something in return for all the smart work you do for thousands of users. I’m glad i gave my 5 points to you.
    Enjoy your reward Herbert!

    Thanks for all your beautiful creations

  13. Its gonna be very hard for you not to win a dc contest! I feel almost sorry for the other devs!

    Thanks for everything! you 2 rock!

  14. Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it for all your contribution to the world of VST. Your DSP code is of highest quality, only the SynthMaker is kinda holding you back from the complete success. Keep up the great work!

  15. recursively burning bear says:

    awesome news man! :))) congratulations and fountains of champagne for you! please keep up the amazing work 🙂 and thank you for your genereous gifts you present to us all. cheers from russia.
    p.s. XTC is the audio drug!

  16. Congratulations, great news! I’m proud to be user of your plugins!

  17. you make history in the audio science, congratulations friend !

  18. Congratulations, Herbert! you are the best!

  19. congratulations! And while I never win any lottery, this time even my prediction was right (ha ha, that was difficult^^!). Your plugins are amazing, and people over at KVR test a whole lot of plugins, plus, even though we have many banned guys and flame-wars, there seem to be the saints who don’t crack but buy a lot. So they know why they voted for you.
    And well, your plugins would probably even win or be amongst the very best, if they would be compared to expensive payware. So congrats again :-)!

  20. Congratulations, you’ve definitely deserved it! Keep up the brilliant work!
    Best wishes from Germany…

  21. The quality of your work is truly excellent, and your graciousness is extraordinary. Again, thank you, well done and congrats!

  22. Well deserved, well deserved…

    What were your favorite entries?

  23. Super Congrats!

  24. Congrats man! You deserve it, really!
    Your tools are superb, very accurate, and very innovative, I never seen a things like your stuff, even comparing those to paids ones!
    Thanks for your work, THANKS!

  25. No, thank YOU!

    I’ll never understand how the big companies haven’t either hired you, bought you out or had you shot for costing them lots of sales. 😉 Because your stuff holds up SOLIDLY to anything supposedly ‘professional’ that I’ve used so far. And the Thrillseeker comp is just beyond stupid good. Now with XTC, you have a budding dynasty of sound on your hands.

    Think V-console next…or Thrillseeker VCS.

  26. It’s the minimum appreciation for your excellent work, which will be disposed free of charge to the music community.
    Congratulations and all the best wishes for the new year!

  27. Well done VOS Team!

  28. I am not surprised . You are in a different league actually. All the very best mate. Cheers…

  29. Enhorabuena por tu gran trabajo!! Oye, de donde eres? Saludos!

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