announcing Rescue MK2 version

In summer 2007 I’ve once started my very first VST plug-in developments and soon afterwards there was an initial release called Rescue – an audio plug-in premiering envelope dependent signal amplification and analog style saturation in a mid/side configuration. This was unheard-of to that time and its success was motivation to me to continue my very own efforts in coming closer to what was still missing in the DSP audio land: All those subtle mojos that we were o-so familiar when working in the analog domain.

While the initial Rescue implementation was a little bit quirky concerning transient handling, I’ve managed to develop a ‘stateful’ approach over the last years which turned out to be way smoother not only in terms of transient response but also in terms of signal saturation. All this comes down now and there is almost nothing to change to the original concept other than the underlying technology which had been emerged and improved.

Rescue MK2 is going to offer transient handling ‘smooth like cake’, stateful saturation and an authentic analog signal path emulation 2.0. Rescue MK2 maintains a super realistic stereo image, increases depth perception and works great as both, mixing tool and summing on the 2-bus. The new Rescue version will be available by end of January as a freeware VST plug-in.


  1. Dominic McGlinn says:


    DOMC mastering 0421961641

    *Sent from my iPhone*

  2. Good, gracious, holy cow. Need I say more? šŸ™‚ I await everything you make quite eagerly. Thank you!

  3. I’ve enjoyed your stuff for years. How is it that you can continue to offer all these plugs for free? No complaints here šŸ™‚

  4. Looking forward to it. Love your work man,

  5. Audiogeek says:

    I think it’s fantastic news! I haven’t even recovered from the beauty of Thrillseeker XTC yet and now your talking Rescue MK2 ! WoW and thanks for such plugins of excellence !!! BRAVO!

  6. smooth as butter. whens boots going to re-imagine VSD?

  7. Wow, great news, looking forward! After the TesslaPro MKII release, one of the 1st VOS plugs to cross my mind was the Rescue plug, packed in MKII that is. šŸ˜‰
    Have a great 2013!

  8. Amazing! Thank you so much

  9. Johnny Wishoff says:

    Sounds very very interesting!, looking forward to hear the result.

  10. Fantastic news! Have used it on almost every stereo FOH mix I have been giving to mix.
    ‘Just keeps rescuing!’

  11. grateful user says:

    great news, stay always inspired! I wish that all the love your grateful users are sending to you transforms into nice things, good vibes and lovely moments in your life!

  12. Will Rescue mkII still use the same GUI as the original or will it have a new GUI done by Patrick?

  13. Yay ! Bring it on ;-).

  14. Please, one FR for all of your plugins:
    A switch to turn off crosstalk, or reduce it by half (example: crosstalk currently -70dB at 1kHz and -58dB at 10kHz, bisected it would be at -140dB at 1khz and -116dB).

    I still like to be able to have total control over my digital mixer. The more crosstalk I get from plugins, the more washed the stereo field will be. I didn’t get a digital mixing console (read host) just to get back certain negative sideeffects of stereo analog gear or mixing consoles. Nothing against noise or mojo, but channel bleeding (read: crosstalk)?

    I’m all for innovation and stateful saturation, but please let us choose if we want a crosstalk effect or not. Thanks.

  15. Awesome! Thanks a lot!

  16. great!
    Rescue was already one of my favorite plugins, I think that the new version will immediately become a must to have

  17. dood, you so rock !

  18. Nekro Dean says:

    Looking forward to it Herbert and also to where Patrick takes the GUI also. Great news, Thank you mate and best as always


  19. I’m countin’ the second…

  20. Is there a delay in plan ?…

    Cheers !

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