Pseudolectual Remixes | Soehngenetic

Soehngen - Pseudolectual Remixes - cover

Featuring Kathi Drall Dub (Deconstructed by Variety of Sound).



  1. I hear my Aalto preset there …

    • nice tune…:)

    • Hi Alex, I’ll have to ask Marco (who did the remix), but I don’t think that he uses Aalto. To me it sounds like he pitched down the atmo from my original track and put some kind of step-filtered fx on it. You can listen to the original here: . But indeed the result sounds very similar to the patch you linked. 😀

      Anyway, Bootsies remix is this one (just for the case you should have missed it 😉 ):

      • Hello Christoph,
        Thanks for your attention to my post.
        Bootsie’s remix is very beautiful indeed, as well as his plugins, which I am huge fan of.
        As to the patch, I agree that it sounds similar and it may be something else. When I first heard the Running and Passing remix I was so euphoric about hearing this similarity, that I made haste to post my words with no insult intended. At that moment I was so happy, that my work was of help for someone, as this is one of my first presets. Once again I admit that I may be wrong, so please excuse me if I am.
        Christoph, would you be so kind to let me know what have Marco used for the sound? I would appreciate it very much.

        • Hey Alex, so sorry, but what you’re basically listening to in the beginning is a mix of altered r&p-original-tracks and my dog running after a ball filled with treats.. passing me.. 🙂 Send me a sound, I’ll use it (I am working on some Cole Porter-Songs these days, would love to receive some ‘Out of the Known’-Inspiration..) lieben Gruß, Marco.

  2. Very nice tunes! Thanks for sharing!

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