released: Rescue MK2 – analog style modelled signal designer


Rescue MK2 is the major overhaul of the analog style modelled signal designer already introduced back in 2007. It is a sophisticated mid/side based transient processing device which not only allows detailed ‘3D’ imaging control but also fancy transient compression and distortion with dynamics that remains vibrant and alive.

Changes at a glance:

  • Some internal routing changes are streamlining the workflow per channel.
  • Based on true stateful signal saturation algorithms, it provides way smoother transient management and distortion.
  • Better support for different gain-staging levels is introduced.
  • The analog style signal path emulation is a complete rework.
  • The manual is completely rewritten.

More and detailed information is included in the manual.

Rescue MK2  is a Windows x32 freeware release for VST compatible applications and you can grab your copy via the download page.


  1. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    I’m very happy to see the Mix Level feature… it will bring on VoS a lot of new users i believe.
    thanks again !

  2. super, thanks

  3. Nekro Dean says:

    Thanks Herb, Great surprise this afternoon man. Appreciate all the hard work

    All the best as always

    Dean and Fam 🙂

  4. Thank you very very much!

  5. Oh boy! Thank you, Bootsy. Your efforts are so appreciated within the community. Thank you for giving us your love, smarts, and your hard work – all wrapped up in Patrick’s superb GUI.

  6. I look forward to trying it. Thanks!

  7. Cant wait to try this treasure. Thanks again Bootsy. Donation and words cant describe my gratefullness. Thanks. Now a overhaul of NastyVCS and BootEQ MKIII would be fantastic.

  8. WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! THIS THING IS THE SHIZNIT!!! Just by inserting it without touching the knobs makes a diff!! I loaded up some classic break beats and it just made them WIDE OPEN.This will mos def be my new secret weapon and i only used it on drums so far.Im not tellin anyone about this plug-in HAHAHAHAHA Thx again bootsy! been using your plugs for years —> Now how bout a analog parametric EQ??

  9. thank you!

  10. This has got to be the sweetest sonic/dynamic enhancement tool I’ve ever slapped onto the old 2 buss. Preparing to dig a little deeper with this one by applying it to some channels as well. Between Rescue and TesslaPro (and the Stateful Saturation model), analog summing is finally becoming the obsolete dinosaur I always knew it would be one day. Thank you to Bootsy & friends!

  11. I have just tried it. Pitty it doesn’t allow to import Recue AE presets. However, biggest problem is that it doesn’t “kill” M/S components at all?

    Any comment?

  12. recursively burning bear says:

    Now this is what I call dedication and generosity!!! An example worth following 🙂 May all your efforts reward you hundredfold, guys! :* Thank you!

  13. Love this update so far, keep doing what you’re doing! The music community is very grateful.

  14. Thanks!

  15. very good stuff here! thank you bro!

  16. Very nice! I couldn’t wait to try it out. So I ripped the music from a video I did a few years ago, applied Rescue and OMG! It really opened up the song. The link to the song (“S.O.S.”) is below. I can’t wait to use it the next I record a song from scratch.

  17. Bootsy your the whole reason why i just bought flowstone, i want to be able to do all that shiznit, bought a book on ruby, i have no experience with writting code, take it its a steep learning curve. ps rescue mk11 is tha bomb on a drum mix

  18. openplanrecording says:

    Can’t wait to give this one a spin!!!

  19. It really does sound great! In your announcement post you said this would use “authentic analog signal path emulation 2.0”. I find the analog button sounds particularly good in this plug-in, could you explain what has changed?

    • The new model includes proper phase distortions, frequency dependent crosstalk as well as high frequency wow & flutter sort of effects. On the other hand, I’ve ditched things like noise were I’ve came to the conclusion over the years that it does not contribute to a better vibe/mojo in general.

      • I’m grateful for all your free plugins but, for the sake of truth, a part from the “analog” saturation thing, that sounds good however, I really I’m not able to hear anything happening on transients. On this side I prefer the Old Rescue, sorry…at least I can hear it doing something 🙂

        • +1 to what about transient enhancing, besides the transient aware saturation: what’s actually happening under the hood ? even anti-phasing signals all i can hear just a nice distortion, not any change in envelopes

  20. Reblogged this on duART Studio Blog.

  21. Amazing! Thanks again for all the hard work mate!

  22. Thanks Bootsy!!! Any chance to see a Rescue AE MK2??
    About people raving about the first edition of Rescue try to disengage the mid and side section
    on the mk2 version.You’ll be amazed how the sound of your master bus will improve just letting
    the signal passthrough the plugin with all the controls disengaged.Simply put the depth and ramp control to zero or to maximum value to hear what this baby can do even in “flow trough” mode.


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