what next?


  1. 64bit and the ability to bypass and un-bypass with out it crashing my daw. By the way. I’m not complaining. Free amazing plugins rock. Just letting you know what happens.

  2. Well, what about some analog style limiter circumlocuted here…


    …and of course there would be the first free multiband transient shaper with a pinch of statefulness…


    …then on an entirely different note: there’s still no flanger plugin that…hits the nerves…


  3. Getting 64bit in place would be much appreciated. Also, this should secure a great foundation for future development from there and on. Thanks 😉

  4. What about a Manley MassivePassive Style EQ? Or something like the SPL PassEQ? Maybe in combination with some Vitalizer-Stuff and switchable Compession…. A tool for quick but great sounding mastering.

    • Yes, a Manley MassivePassive EQ! This could be a huge “azz kick” for the other companies 🙂

      • +1!! But it’s gotta have really, really nice mids. I had the chance to master with the real hardware and when I pushed the mids it was like WOW, where’s the blanket gone the song was hiding behind?

  5. nasty vcs update would be good as well, implemented with stateful saturation

  6. Ferric!!!

  7. I certainly would love any of those options. You are one of a kind or at least the most generous person I know of.

  8. i voted other… i would vote for a 10 band parametric eq (every band fully configurable, bells, shelves, cuts from 6 to 48db), plus overall range knob, where on can adjust the ammount of all bands in relation, with additional tilt section (+-6db) which features a useradjustable centerfrequency. all that followed by an analog like brickwall limiter (including your stateful saturation, optional) with adjustable release, where one could drive the eqed signal into.
    a final attenuator to lower the signal after the limiter, to be able to compare the signal treated signal at lower volume, in order to not be fooled by the loudness increase…
    with your quality, that would finally cure a lot of needs in a lot of situations, be it used per track or/and as a mastering eq.
    that being said, i could´ve voted for booteq3, if it would include all above.
    the end-all-eq.
    well, one can dream.

  9. BootEQ mk3, with a hipass filter with one click settings for different octave slopes. That’s certainly one thing that i’d like to be able to try different setting immediately. An A/B configuration would also be a really nice addition also. Thank you for the best free plugins available.

  10. FERRIIIIIIIC!!!!!!! It’s the plugin I’m waiting for since the developement of Stateful Saturation,it’s already an amazing plugin,with stateful sat I think it will become….N1

  11. paal rasmussen says:

    How hard is it to port your beautiful plug-ins over to the Mac platform? If it’s not too difficult, that would be my #1 wish.. some of us are on dual platforms, and something is sorely missing on the Mac… 😉

    • since VoS plugins are made in Synthmaker/Flowstone we have to wait until they support exporting to Mac… It is the reason why also many other Freeware VSTs are windows only

  12. 64-bit and BootEQ with separate Q-switches for both MID bands and more CPU-optimized to use it on each and every track. Thank you for your work!

  13. – NAstyVCS mk2
    – EpicVerb mkII !
    – a multiband transient shaper

  14. Hi guys.
    I think the x64 update would be the most reasonable step. But all options sound great… if possible I vote for a NastyVCS as real hardware please! 🙂
    Keep up the nice work!

  15. A transient dependent exciter/multiband transient designer please 😀

  16. Boot EQ MKIII
    Nasty VCS MK2
    Epicverb MKII
    Ferric MKII
    …. then 64 bit

    I’d say get all the plugins using the Stateful Stauration & correct implementations first then focus on the big 64-bit & MAC issues.

  17. Pitch correction tool like melodyne


    • I voted for the 64 bit option as that to me is the most important. Beyond that, I dream of the day when Bootsy announces a virtual console/SSL style ‘desk’ program incorporating Ferric, Thrillseeker, Density, Tesla and Boot EQ, as a drop in for Reaper. Hey, Martin Luther King Jr. had his dream and I have mine 😉 Until then, I’ll make my own out of those components. But it sure would be nice to have them all in one (OK, 2 considering the Ferric/Density ‘bus’) interface.

      Antone else think so?

  18. Nasty VCS mk2 is a nice idea, especially for ppl who don’t want/need multiple plugs on each channel.
    We get already so much, everything will be welcome 😉

  19. for me i would like to see the booteq or ferric update i don´t need 64bit plugins.

  20. I voted for 64 bits but coming to think of it, EpicVerb mk2 would be awesome too.
    Thanks bootsy

  21. There are a lot more people running 32 bit systems than 64 bit. And they won’t be upgrading any time soon. By system, I do mean ‘system’. Weakest link in the chain seems not to be the processors which are 64-bit these days, but first of all the OS, then the DAW, that is to say, that even if people have 64 bit OS, then probably their DAW won’t be. And of course this is because not everyone HAS got a new computer with 64 bit CPU, and then a 64 bit OS (lots of people running 32 bit windows on 64 bit CPUs) AND then a 64 bit DAW.

    The people screaming for 64 bit are gear fetishists (I am one too, but another kind) and they are the most vocal posting on forums. I don’t care either way. I will move to 64 bit eventually and I’m sure I’m not telling anyone who is reading this here (and of course especially the mighty Bootsy), that there is no real world benefit apart from more memory and the benefits that brings. But of course, even that is only for certain people who NEED it. It’s just that I know so many people on the ground who have 4 year old computers or those with new computers with 32 bit OS. Or those with new computers and 64 bit OS, who are running 32 bit DAWs.

    It still surprises me to this day that such a vocal minority seem to hold sway and are actually badgering and bullying developers into developing 64 bit stuff. And of course it is only going to get worse. People really want to get their moneys worth. I mean I can understand not wanting to waste a core or three (Energy XT2 will probably NEVER be multi-core), that is logical, but even then, how will it all work when we get up to Octo-Core and Hexa-Core. The processor scheduling will be a nightmare and those programmers that can really program for concurrency will still be restricted on the bare metal side by other things that I have forgotten now, or never even knew 😉 . By nightmare I don’t mean that things will break, just that the waste then will be even greater for those that want to get their money’s worth. Far worse than Energy XT2 not using 2 cores on my laptop (it is a triple-core).

    But what will be will be. And I’ll still be able to make music. I like having 8GB in my laptop because I install a lot of LInux Distros (64-bit) on to usb sticks and run them from there. And when I am using VirtualBox, even though I have the virtual disk on my actual laptop hard drive for convenience (different distros can use the same Virtual disk and it is convenient) and to a certain degree, speed, It is nice to have my entire
    OS running in RAM plus all programs, plus all data being used etc. etc. – Real world noticeable improvement. And that is great when you are rendering and messing about with 3D images and scenes. But my workstation DAW is 32 bit winxp, with 4 GB RAM that even isn’t all being used up.

    I just adore your plugins Bootsy btw, when they are subtle they are oh so very subtle, but when they are brutal, they are better… to paraphrase that age-old nursery rhyme. Danke. And sorry for the long post. Just a few thoughts on the matter. Nothing to take too seriously. And it’s late.

    • @ Marco:

      It’s not just simple gear fetishism, though there are plenty that want it for that reason. When you are running a 64 bit system, your DAW has to bridge the 32 bit plugs. That leads to poorer performance and potential crashes/other issues. It also screws with multicore processing.

      I still run Bootsy’s plugs and will continue to regardless if he ever goes to 64 just because I like/use them enough. But it isn’t pain free. Thankfully I have the known crash/sound drops dealt with in Reaper, but I am still maxing cores while others sit at 30% unable to spread the load. The worst example of this I saw was with Arturia’s Jupiter 8V in 32 before they went to 64. My system suddenly gained the ability to run several more instances once upgrading to the 64 bit version as my cores then split the load (AMD Phenom 2 quad core).

      Lastly, I agree there are still legacy 32 but users and will be for some time. But people/industry/developers are moving up the bit scale, not down. I’d never say something like ‘stop all 32 bit development’ but when more people go 64 by the day, it makes sense to move with them, Granted VOS is a free developer so $$$ isn’t the issue, but userbase is. And the userbase isn’t moving backwards.

  22. @Normie, I agree, that for those in that position it makes sense, yes. I’m just trying not to get myself into that position for as long as possible. My post really was just a personal perspective and opinion on the subject.

  23. A de-esser would be great Bootsy.. (forgot to mention in my previous post)

  24. Boot EQ MKIII!!! I love this EQ. The sound is brilliant.
    64bit is important too but as long as it works with JBridge in my 64bit system it will not the most important thing! I never had problems with running “bridged” VOS plugins in 64bit! And also never problems as “wrapped” Automaped plugins too! Awesome if I think how much problems I had with other “expensive” plugins and Automap etc…

  25. William says:


    For “what next”,would it be possible to look into old analogmixing boards, cheap tape decks and other old obscure devices that people maybe ran their sound through back in the old days? Like trying to capture all these “natural” phenomenons.. NastyVCS + FerricTDS is a great start on this journey.. but would like to see u explore this more..

  26. Nikolaos says:

    a MultiTap Delay ??? thank you anyway!!!

  27. Bootsie, I keep your plugins in my folder because they sound great, but I tend not to use them in projects because I’ve had instability with them in Sonar. I’m thinking x64 ports would resolve those issues, which would be huge for me! 64 bit got my vote.

  28. Michel Poirier says:

    Something that will make my piezo sound good !

    And a drum machine… 🙂

  29. My votes would be:
    – Nasty VCS MkII (my most used VOS plugin)
    – Epic Verb MkII (current version is nice, but with Bootsie’s current skill set it could be even better! Some quality boost would be no problem with modern computers)

  30. Hey guys, great stuff. I know this is out of nowhere, but I’d love to see your plugins rebuilt for native Linux-Vst. I’m not sure what all that would entail, but there are more people than you think who would be endlessly greatful for such a fantastic plugin suite running natively on their OS of choice.

  31. I would really love to see a minor update to the BootEQ that includes an automatic make-up gain, so that no matter how you change the bands, the output is always at the same RMS at the input.


  32. How about taking on making the world’s finest spring reverb VST? Thank you Bootsie for all your fine plugs. Digging the Thillseeker VBL on my mixes..

  33. I think 64 Bit updates are essential.

    I upgraded to 64 Bit to attempt to keep up with the exponential growth of computer technology. I think it’s a smart thing to do and it’s a simple fact that 64 Bit will soon become the norm.

    Making 64 bit versions of the VoS plug-ins doesn’t alienate any users. Refusing to make 64 Bit version of the plug-ins DOES alienate the 64 Bit users. I didn’t upgrade to 64 Bit because I’m some tech-snob who claims to hear a “better sound” on a 64 Bit system. I upgraded because I got a much more powerful PC that is based on a 64 Bit framework, with a 64 Bit OS. It makes sense to use a 64 Bit DAW for the sake of sheer stability and so that I can actually utilize the features that a more powerful PC warrants.

    Please, make 64 Bit versions, I’ll gladly pay for the luxury, I just miss Bootsy being in my FX chain.


  1. […] into bug-fixing and both will probably make it upfront the summer break. As the next major update you all voted FerricTDS to be the object of desire and I’m already sketching things on the drawing board […]

  2. […] pretty much delved in research and development plus testing some brand new prototypes. If/when another mkII version will appear is currently not clear – but me thinks that there will be one or another surprise […]

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